The crisis of Russia and Ukraine.  The United States wants to check Russia's actions

“Secretary Blinken reiterated our continuing concerns that Russia has the ability to invade Ukraine at all times, and stressed the need for verifiable, credible and meaningful de-escalation– wrote in a press release US State Department spokesman Ned Price Summarizing the speech of the two ministers.

This is a response to the Russian Defense Ministry’s references to the withdrawal of some forces gathered in the vicinity of Ukraine. As the US ambassador to the United Nations said, Lida Thomas GreenfieldSo far there is no evidence of such moves by Russian forces. The situation was evaluated in a similar way by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

The president spoke in a similar vein on Tuesday Joe Biden. – So far We didn’t notice any specific movements. Our analysts point out that Russian forces remain in a threatened situation. The fact remains that Russia has more than 150,000. Soldiers all over Ukraine. The US president said aggression is still possible.

In turn, the head of US diplomacy – while talking with Lavrov – expressed his readiness for further dialogue with Russia in the face of the expected response to the counter-proposals previously submitted to Moscow regarding the so-called. Security guarantee.

Anthony Blinken noted that although further Russian aggression against Ukraine would face “Rapid, sharp and uniform response across the AtlanticThe United States still believes that the crisis can be resolved diplomatically.

The Russian Foreign Ministry issued its own statement on the statement issued by the US State Department. As reported, Lavrov invited his interlocutor to a “pragmatic dialogue.” as he said it Washington’s ‘aggressive rhetoric’ is ‘unacceptable’referring to US public warnings about a possible imminent Russian attack against Ukraine and its possible consequences.

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