The British Ministry of Defense said that “partial mobilization” in Russia was still underway

Britain’s Ministry of Defense said on Monday that Russian authorities are likely to keep open the possibility of another round of “partial mobilization” for war with Ukraine, while trying to dampen public discontent.

The right of asylum for the Russians fleeing the mobilization? Finland says no

After the Kremlin announced a partial mobilization in September last year, hundreds of thousands of men fled Russia in the first weeks.

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As shown in the daily intelligence update, on January 22, the media reported this Russian border guards prevented migrant workers, Kyrgyz dual nationals, from leaving RussiaInform them that their names are on the packing lists.

On January 23, a spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, said so Decree on “Partial Mobilization” Valid as is Necessary to support the operations of the armed forces.

Observers wondered why the measure had not been officially rescinded. The Russian leadership, most likely, is still looking for ways to ensure the large number of personnel necessary to carry out any specialization in the future offensive in Ukrainewhile reducing domestic opposition”, assessed the British Ministry of Defense.

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