People look at Kadyrov's shoes and burst out laughing.  Can you see it too?  - O2

Sergei Shoigu and Ramzan Kadyrov met in Moscow. As a Chechen politician argued on Telegram, the talks turned out to be “productive” for both sides, and one of the topics they touched upon was the strategy for future battles in Ukraine.

I had a very fruitful meeting with the Russian Defense Minister. We discussed at length the issues of implementing the special disarmament and disarmament process in Ukraine, and also agreed on the details of further cooperation – Ramzan Kadyrov wrote on the social network Telegram.

Ramzan Kadyrov wanted to hide it. The Internet has not forgiven him

Shoigu’s meeting with Kadyrov was crowned jointly by both politicians. Internet users quickly noticed the details. Although at first glance both men have the same height, it was noted that the Chechen “added” a few centimeters to himself.

According to the Body Size portal, Ramadan Kadero is 168 cm tall. Sergei Shoigu is taller than him by up to 7 cm, which apparently annoys the Chechen politician, because, most likely, he decided to add a few centimeters to himself by wearing special shoes.

Netizens burst out laughing They mock Putin’s ally.

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