Final Fantasy XVI has received a graphical upgrade.  See beautiful screenshots and compare bindings and details

In 2020, Square Enix introduced Final Fantasy XVI and had to face a lot of criticism about the venue. The creators promised to pay attention to the quality of the graphics, and as we can see in the last comparison, they kept their promise.

Final Fantasy XVI will appear in Summer 2023 exclusively on PS5. Sony has guaranteed itself exclusivity, and thanks to this promising position, at least initially, it will only be available on the Japanese company’s latest console.

The collaboration of the Japanese continues, which resulted in the submission of yet another material promoting the title in the State of Play. Throughout the trailer, we can see some well-known footage that was probably added on purpose to show progress in the frame.

Square Enix announced on the PlayStation Blog this “The team led by Hiroshi Takai has entered the final stage of game development.” The studio is currently focusing on tuning the title ahead of its premiere.

“With the power of PlayStation 5 behind us, we want to take you on a smooth, story-filled, thrilling ride that can amount to the most thrilling roller coaster ever. So buckle up, the wait is almost over!” – Final Fantasy XVI Producer Yoshida Naoki.

The trailer presented in State of Play takes a look at an action-packed combat system in which Eikons (summons) play an important role. The developers have also revealed that the mode is “fully playable from start to finish” – now the biggest challenges are the final fixes and optimization.

The lead developer also introduced the main branch of the company that deals with Final Fantasy XVI – these are the developers who have gained experience in the jRPG genre over the years:

  • Producer – Naoki Yoshida,
  • Principal Director – Hiroshi Takai,
  • Creative Director and Screenwriter – Kazutoyo Maehiro,
  • Site Administrator – Michael Christopher Koji Fox,
  • Technical Director – Hiroshi Minagawa,
  • Fighting Director – Ryota Suzuki,
  • Character Design – Kazuya Takahashi,
  • Composer – Masayoshi Soken.

Below you can check out our first comparison of Final Fantasy XVI (2020 vs 2022), and there are a series of screenshots in the gallery.

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