Elections in the Czech Republic.  The opposition wins and has a chance to form a government
  • The ANO movement in the poll was expected to be the winner of the vote. Papis said on the campaign trail that he can’t imagine going to the opposition
  • It is not clear what the Czech president will do. Milos Zeman announced that he would entrust the task of forming the government to the leader of the winning party. Thus, the SPOL . coalition ruled out
  • Two parties from the historical left did not reach Parliament. For the first time since 1989, the Communist Party will have no deputies
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Before the elections, SPOLU was founded by three right-wing opposition parties: the Civic Democratic Party (ODS), the Christian Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People’s Party (KDU-CZSL) and the conservative Tradition Responsibility Prosperity 09 (TOP 09). The alliance won by 27.79 percent. voices.

Its leaders – Peter Fiala, Martin Juricka and Markta Bikarova Adamova, immediately after the announcement of the results of the unofficial elections, announced talks on forming a new government with the second opposition coalition, consisting of the Czech Pirate Party, mayors and the Independent Movement. . This won by 15.62 percent. authentication.

SPOLU is set to gain 71 seats, and together the two coalitions have a majority in the 200-seat House of Representatives – and have 109 votes in total.

– We change. You said change The leader of SPOLU and ODS, Petr Fiala, has indicated the position of the future Prime Minister. It was echoed by Adamova Bykarova, saying that voters want changes. The change was also discussed by the leaders of the second coalition that was formed before the elections – Stan – after the preliminary results were presented. collected approximately 16 percent. Votes may have 37 seats.

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The ANO movement led by Prime Minister Andrej Babisz, which was chosen in the polls as the winner of the vote, lost to a minimum. He won by 27.12 percent. voices. Its leader said on the campaign trail that he did not envision going to the opposition. “We have not disappointed with our work,” he said, adding that five parties against him are campaigning against him. “It’s a miracle that we achieved such a result,” he said, congratulating the winners.

It was not entirely known what role President Milos Zeman had assigned to Prime Minister Babis, who announced that he would assign the task of forming a government to the leader of the winning party. Thus, he excluded coalitions and referred to Babies. On Saturday evening, a spokesman for President Jerzy Ovacik informed that on Sunday the 11th time Prime Minister Zeeman is expected to be ill. It is not known whether Babis will leave his residence in Lanach with the aim of forming a new government.

Representatives of the two winning coalitions said on Saturday that the head of state should respect the election results. – We are a parliamentary democracy, not a presidential democracy – said President Stan Fet Rakuzan. In the Czech Republic, the decision to appoint a person to hold talks on forming a new government is up to the president.

The fourth party that has deputies in the lower house of parliament is the anti-EU Freedom and Democracy Party (SPD). She won 9.56%. votes and maintain ownership. It will have 22 members. For its leader, Tom Okamura, who supports the passage of the referendum and withdrawal from the European Union, it is important to stress that its formation has become a normative political party and that its platform is no longer described as extremist.

Two parties from the historical left did not reach Parliament. The election threshold was not beaten by the Czech Social Democratic Party (CzSSD) ​​with the support of 4.65%, which for the past four years has been part of the Babisz government. The former Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Interior, leader of the Social Democratic Socialist Party, Jan Hamacek, announced that he would resign from his position in the party.

For the first time since the fall of communism in 1989, the KSCzM Communist Party has a score of 3.6 percent. It will not have its representatives. In recent years, it has supported or tolerated the ANO government and the Social Democrats. And its leader Wojciech Filip announced his resignation earlier.

The voter turnout on Friday and Saturday was 65.41 percent. This is more than in previous elections.

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