Assault on the Capitol.  Congress released public SMS messages sent by his son and journalists to President Donald Trump

The Congressional Committee of Inquiry released text messages that shed new light on the events of January 6 in Washington. They show that while storming the Capitol, Donald Trump’s son and Fox News columnists appealed to the president to calm the crowd of his supporters who attacked the symbol of American democracy. Donald Trump Jr. wrote: “We need a letter from the Oval Office. He has to take the lead now. Everything has gone too far and out of control.”

The committee voted on Monday to ask prosecutors to press charges for his refusal to testify before Mark Meadows, the former White House chief of staff. Before Meadows finally refused to cooperate with the committee, he gave it thousands of text messages and emails, some of which were read at Monday’s meeting.

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‘It all went too far’

“employment [prezydent Trump] We must condemn this as quickly as possible,” the then-president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., wrote to Meadows just after the Capitol blockade began. We need a letter from the Oval Office. He has to drive now. It all went too far and out of control.”

Trump supporters outside the Capitol Thomas Heng /

Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Brian Kilmead also sent similar messages. “Mark, the president should tell the people on the Capitol to go home,” Ingraham wrote. “This hurts us all. It’s destroying his legacy.”

The committee also released anonymous text messages from Republican members of Congress who were in the besieged Capitol at the time. “Mark, protesters literally storm the Capitol. They break windows and doors and rush inside. Is Trump going to say something?” One lawmaker wrote.

Hours passed without the president doing what was necessary.

Republican congresswoman Liz Cheney stressed that despite strong pleas from her allies, the then-president delayed action by more than three hours. In the end, he released a videotaped message urging protesters to go home while maintaining his account of the “stolen” elections.

Hours passed without the president doing what was necessary. Cheney said these texts are further evidence of President Trump’s extreme neglect in those 187 minutes.

Attack on the Capitol Jim Lo Scalzo/PAP/EPA

On Monday, the commission of inquiry unanimously upheld the request to file a complaint with the prosecution against Meadows for its refusal to cooperate with the commission. The House of Representatives will likely support that proposal on Tuesday. If that happens, Meadows will be the second person he meets. Previously, a similar request was made against former Trump adviser Steve Bannon. In November, Bannon was charged with the case, for which he faces 1 to 12 months in prison.

Main image source: Jim Lo Scalzo/PAP/EPA

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