Kułeba: Niemcy zwlekają z dostawą czołgów Leopard 2 (fot. Shutterstock)

– Ukraine gets German weapons, but what kind? We are not getting, at least for the time being, the Leopard 2 tanks we need most, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba told German ARD TV.

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war in Ukraine

Kuleba stressed that Germany had promised more weapons, but was still delaying the delivery of Leopard 2 tanks, which Kiev had been demanding for a long time. “Such a decision has not yet been made, there is not even any promise, but we are working on it,” said the head of Ukrainian diplomacy.

He stated that the government in Kiev did not understand why the Germans refused to hand over these tanks while they were being supplied with artillery. In his opinion, if Ukraine is not sufficiently armed, it will prolong the war, and this is not in the interests of either Ukraine or its Western partners.

Asked if Ukraine carried out drone strikes on Russian military bases earlier in the week, Kuleba did not answer directly: “As foreign minister, I cannot comment on what is happening on Russian soil,” he said.

But Kuleba confirmed that long-range bombers take off from these Russian airports, which “fire missiles at the Ukrainian energy system and kill Ukrainians.” At the same time, he rejected criticism, especially from the United States, of the alleged Ukrainian attacks on Russian soil. “There is no need to teach Ukraine moral lessons,” he stressed.

– I don’t understand what it means that Ukraine is “playing with fire”. Putin has come to destroy us – as a country, as a nation. If a murderer enters your apartment and tries to kill you – and your neighbor says: Don’t play with fire, you must not provoke it – you might say that your neighbor has lost his mind – Kuiba explained.

He acknowledged that Russia’s massive attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure pose enormous challenges to the government in Kyiv and the Ukrainian people. In order to meet these needs, his country needs non-military aid, especially supplies of generators and transformers.

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Dmytro Kuleba considers the scenario of a complete power outage in Ukraine a realistic one. However, Ukrainians are not expected to leave the country en masse due to the uncertain situation in the winter. In his opinion, Ukrainians prefer to move from cities to rural areas, where “it is possible to use firewood for heating.”

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