Pension Indexing 2024 – Net Accounts.  Pension disbursement schedule

The year 2024 brings many changes expected in relation to pensions, including a planned indexation and the continuation of the “300 Plus” programme. See the forecast table for pension index calculations for 2024. However, please remember that current calculations are preliminary estimates. Final decisions will be made in early 2024.

Currently available information, published by various sites, indicates this Upcoming indexation of pensions It will include both a percentage and an amount component. Early government calculations show expected inflation levels of around 12 percent.

In the budget bill, which will be submitted to the House of Representatives, the government proposes to approve the indexation of pensions and pensions for 2024 at the level of 112.3 percent.

This means that the value of the total benefits will increase by 12.3 percent. This is slightly lower than it was in March 2023, however, we must remember that the rate of inflation has also decreased since then. In August it was only 10.1 percent, and experts predict that in September 2023 it will drop to less than 10 percent and will continue to decline.

Under the applicable Law on Pensions and Pensions from the Social Insurance Fund, the indexation of pensions and pensions is carried out on March 1. This means that the increased retirement and disability benefits will be paid to retirees and disability pensioners from March 1, 2024.

Certainly, it is planned to introduce an indexation of the percentage of retirees whose benefits exceed the minimum. The assumed growth rate is 12.3 percent. For exact pension projections for 2024 after taking into account percentage indexing, please see our photo gallery. There are detailed calculations for individual pensions.

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It is also said that some may receive higher pensions. For those whose pensions are below this limit, it is also planned to increase the minimum pension by increasing the amount. Currently, the minimum amount is PLN 1,588.44, and after an additional increase of PLN 300, it will amount to a total of PLN 1,888.44.

The amount of the minimum pension plays a major role in the formation of the thirteenth pension, which is determined at a fixed value equal to the thirteenth pension.

In 2024, the minimum value of the 13th pension will be at least PLN 1,783.82 gross, which translates to PLN 1,623.28 net. It is also possible that its value would be higher in the event of possible cash indexation with lower interest.

As for the fourteenth pension, as we saw in this year’s case, its value does not depend on the minimum pension and may be higher. However, the minimum pension in a given year is a guarantee that the second additional benefit for retirees and pensioners who receive the lowest amounts from the Social Insurance Institution (up to a total of PLN 2,900, then reduced for every zloty above this amount) will be at a level of at least as much as The minimum stipulated retirement pension.

It’s happening in Poland and around the world – read on

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