Biedronka hides prices?  Customers complain, and the Competition and Consumer Protection Bureau intervenes

Sometimes there are multiple prices on the labels in Biedronka. The price of PLN 4.49 is clearly written in the middle of the flyer. Below, in smaller font, this one is marked Price is for one productbut only When you buy two pieces.

Moreover, the information indicates that the price of one kilogram of ghee is PLN 9.98. If you look at the upper left corner of the label, you can clearly see that “the second product is cheaper when buying two products” with a cost of “44% less”, as a result of which the customer may think that the regular price is PLN 4.49 and the second one will be 44 percent cheaper than this the price. as a result of, Instead of 6 PLN at checkout, he pays approximately 9 PLN.

There is no such thing as a price of PLN 4.49 per product. The offer includes the purchase of 2 pieces of margarine, so the total amount is PLN 8.98. this is the reason The price shown per piece is misleadingBecause this is the price of half the set – an economist comments on Biedronka’s practices.

Novelty in displaying product prices in stores Ladybug He is Place price tags with the regular price of items behind promotional labels. As a result, only promotional prices are displayed for the purchase of several products at the exhibition. Interia decided to check whether this practice occurs in Krakow stores – We took these photos at Biedronka at ul. Wroclawska.

Find it outside How much does a particular product actually cost? – Snap eggs, herring, cold cuts, yoghurts and baking powders – You should have pulled the promotional posterrevealing a piece of paper for the price of one product, and that wasn’t easy either.

The labels match to the millimeter and fit tightly on top of each other. – The customer does not have easy access to the prices of a particular product -A customer they met at a discount store is angry. -I usually find out that something costs more Only at checkout or after leaving the store – he adds. – Revealing each sticker is time consuming and frustrating. I didn’t come to the store to spend half a day there – says another customer.

What are you saying? Ladybug? – We always put the interests of our customers first, offering products at the lowest possible prices – Marcin Hadag, Director of Corporate Communications at the Biedronka chain, told “Fakt”. – Promotions of this type are expected by customers and are clearly marked – Labels contain information that the promotion applies to several parts of the product – Explains the network.

There may be a different opinion on this topic Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (yuckykick). We sent questions to the office about the network’s practices Ladybug permitted and whether they intend to intervene in this matter. The Competition and Consumer Protection Bureau has initiated declaratory proceedingsIt will investigate how customers of retail chains are informed about product prices.

The head of the Competition and Consumer Protection Bureau also took action based on market feedback Signals from consumers. “Consumers complained, among other things, that the promotional price is the most vulnerable, and The unit price, for example, of a single item, is less clear to the consumer. We are investigating whether this method of displaying product prices is misleading,” the office said in a letter sent to Interia Biznes.

“The price of a product for a single item is crucial for the consumer because he has the right to buy a single product, not just in the so-called multi-piece promotion. It is on this basis that we must make the decision to purchase a particular product. The price must not be misleading and must be clear to the consumer. – Adds the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

The office also states that whenever we see similar practices that raise our suspicions, We can submit a notification directly to the Competition and Consumer Bureau. We can also contact the Consumer Ombudsman or Commercial Inspectorate.

Retail chain operations He is watching the new Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, who submitted a grilling on the matter in November. “The price list is used to display product prices, and business owners are obligated to show prices in a way that does not raise any suspicion,” he wrote in an interrogation he submitted a few weeks ago.

The problem of price manipulation It does not only apply to one network. In the photo published by the Deputy Minister, we see the labels with Shop frog.

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