A hole for 2022. On the last day to file your tax returns, your personal income tax system may run slower

PIT can be submitted online via the e-PIT service or electronic advertisement system, and it can also be done in paper form.

On Tuesday, the Wprost Biznes website reported problems with submitting the PIT online. Website transfer on account of a taxpayer. “It turned out that there was something wrong with the settlement. I couldn’t do the settlement properly, so I called the helpline and filled out the tax return with the advisor. I filled out the return and wanted to send it, but it didn’t work. The system processed the command for some time, and then an error message appeared” – We read.

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The e-PIT website may run slower

However, the Ministry of Finance argues that there was no failure in the payment system for your electronic investment on Tuesday. – The longer filing time may be due to the large number of taxpayers signing on who want to settle at the last minute. – explains Justyna Paszyńska, spokeswoman for the head of the National Revenue Administration.

Let us remind you that your e-PIT service can be used for five years. As part of it, our tax return, completed on the basis of data held by the Tax Administration, is available on the Taxes.gov.pl website. Such a settlement has been prepared for more than 24 million taxpayers. Until May 2, you can check, amend, and approve settlements prepared by the IRS. You can also consider the discounts you are entitled to and a 1.5 percent conversion declaration. Your taxes to any public benefit corporation. This option applies to PIT-37 and PIT-38 forms, as well as PIT-28 and PIT-36 forms, with the exception of income from commercial activity and special sections of agricultural production.

The tax office will settle the tax for you

If we don’t file our 2022 PIT-37 and PIT-38 tax returns on our own, they will be automatically accepted after May 2. This does not apply to PIT-28 and PIT-36 forms, as the vast majority require them to be completed by the taxpayer.

e-PIT works around the clock and can be used on any device with an internet connection. Access to the service is possible only at the Electronic Tax Office (e-US), on the website biznes.gov.pl. You can log in to the e-tax office using a trusted profile (PZ) or e-ID via e-banking or the mObywatel app. In addition to the service itself, you can also log in with your tax data.

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