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Ban on liquefied petroleum gas. Cars using this fuel will remain without state support


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Owners of LPG cars without state assistance

This issue was the subject of a parliamentary inquiry directed at the Ministry of Climate and Environment. Its author wanted to know whether the ministry provides any financial support to citizens who use LPG. A ban on Russian products could lead to higher prices in Poland.

The Minister of Climate and Environment is currently closely monitoring the situation in the fuel market, in particular liquid LPG. at the moment There is no need to provide financial protection shields to citizens – We read a response.

The Ministry also justifies that the LPG market in Poland is open and therefore “unregulated and highly fragmented”. For this reason, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment does not expect this It will be necessary to build a large state-owned marine terminal for this gas.

“The existing LPG marine terminals in Poland do not belong to the state treasury and are not financed from the national budget, but are owned by private companies. This is a proven operating model, and its operation has not raised any doubts so far,” the ministry explains.

EU sanctions may shock the Polish market

The European Commission has set an additional year for LPG industry entities to adequately prepare for the application of the sanctions regime. “The time taken seems sufficient“Replacing expired contracts for LPG supplies from Russia with alternative directions,” says the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

In 2022 we bought LPG from the Russians €710 million (although the share of Russian gas in imports to Poland was 47.1 percent at that time), while the rest of the European Union in total – 417 million euros. Therefore, Poland remained the largest importer of LNG from Russia.

Throughout 2022, we used approximately 2.5 thousand. tons of LPG, only a fifth of which is its own production. This means that after the ban on Russian fuel comes into force It will be necessary to cover the demand for approximately 700-1000 tons previously supplied from the East.

A blow to LPG car owners

“Of the four cars using LPG in the EU, three are driven in Poland. Many of them are driven by taxi drivers, who will certainly be severely affected by the LPG ban” – admitted the Polish Chamber of Liquefied Gas.

LPG transportation prices and intermediate profit margins are likely to rise. This will affect the price globally. Poles will also feel the increase because Distributors will have to adapt to higher prices for raw materials coming from outside the West. Russian LPG is cheaper for us,” Dr. Jakub Bogocki, fuel market analyst at e-petrol.pl, explained to money.pl.

As PIGP analysts point out, the possibility that the ban occurred immediately after the ban was imposed cannot be ruled out To transitional periods when it is difficult for consumers to access LPG. “This is important because in this scenario, gasoline stocks at stations in Poland will begin to dwindle rapidly,” the Chamber notes.

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