P Lies will go to Xbox Game Pass?  A mysterious message indicates the authors collaborated with Microsoft

gamescom: Opening Night Live is about to start soon, so there are more and more rumors and leaks of information that we’ll see during Tuesday’s broadcast.

As every year, and as it happens before every big event, we start to find more rumors and leaks revealing preparations for broadcast day. As it turns out, one of the surprises offered at gamescom might be the release date, target platforms and distribution variants of one of the most intriguing spirit-like games inspired by the Bloodborne brand.

Lies of P, which tells of Pinocchio’s darkest adaptation to date, may be shown in Opening Night Live and could be added to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass on launch day. Where did these guesses come from? An industry insider, known as Insider_WTF, posted a tweet with a green background and Morse code, which coded the message: The wise says, You will find your way, any quote taken straight from books about a wooden clown who wants to be a real boy. You know, it’s just a rumor, but it seems to make sense.

As a reminder, this was an alpha version of the game from Lies of P.

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