Charm.  One click and the gaming starts like crazy

Intel has prepared a new tool that will be mainly useful for gamers. It will allow you to increase your performance in computer games with just one click. Currently, the solution is very limited and is only suitable for owners of the latest processors.

When we buy new gaming gear, we expect to get the highest possible performance in our favorite games. In an age where monitors with massive 360Hz refresh rates are becoming the norm, we want to get as many frames as possible, which requires not only a powerful graphics card, but also a fast processor. Intel now lets you get more from your hardware.

With one click, you will have better performance in PC games. Thanks to this program

Intel has decided to quietly introduce new software to the Microsoft Store. Named Intel applications optimization In fact, it is actually based on an earlier program, Intel Thread Detector. As for its premise, it is very simple – it is to improve gaming performance with one click.

The interface of the solution looks very simple. We have a slider to activate and deactivate the optimization, as well as a list of games in which the program aims to increase performance. However, it should be noted at this point that the app currently only works with 14th Gen Intel processors such as the i9-14900K(F) and i7-14700K(F). It is possible to install the program on computers with other CPUs, but we will not see higher gaming performance on them.

(Source: Intel)

The app is new and aims to increase performance (for now) in only two games – Metro Exodus and Rainbow Six: Siege. The menu isn’t impressive, but the app itself is impressive. Specific user is back With a GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card at 1080p with a Z790 Apex motherboard and 64GB of RAM (7400 MT/s), the CL32 achieved an additional 200 fps in Rainbow Six: Siege, achieving an average score of 865 fps.

You can read more about the games on Spider’s Web:

In the future, the application should ensure increased performance in other games. In the screenshot provided by Intel, we see games like League of Legends, Hitman 3, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Let’s hope that the function will also be available to owners of other older (and cheaper) processors.

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