Every year, there are some new “great and revolutionary” things and trends, but unfortunately not all of them work and quickly fade into oblivion.

I liked the trend where everyone wanted to have the smallest cell phone possible. Over the past 20 years, cell phones have become smaller and smaller. This was often the main feature of the phone. Then suddenly you could watch movies on your phone, and overnight the trend changed to “bigger is better.” People thought we would see more pregnancies during lockdown because couples would have nothing else to do. Instead, we've seen people isolating themselves even more after lockdowns end, and fewer people are now dating, let alone having children. As inflation began to rise, it was also noted that more people chose to delay having children due to increased costs.

These “fat-free” chips caused violent diarrhea because of the olestra used in them. Over time, it turns out that we just need a good enough refrigerator, not a refrigerator with the option to connect to the Internet.
When Windows Phone was announced, Microsoft organized a veritable funeral procession for the iPhone.
I'm still very distraught that we never got the modular phone revolution that was promised in the early 2010s. Now having a replaceable battery is very exciting. Package delivery using a drone.
Kinect for Xbox 360 was supposed to change the gaming industry. There are probably dozens of games designed for this, and most of them barely work. She quietly disappeared after about two or three years.
Curved TVs.

Small tablet. The future when I was young.
What's up with this Tesla Cyber ​​car? Information about it has been published for years, but it's not available yet or is it available? How come no one wrote about Firephone? Whole teams of people were fired after this failure. One of the funniest roads I remember was the solar roads. Solar panels that you drive on. One way or another without harming them.

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