France bans English terms related to games.  Officials want to keep "the language clean"

For many years, the French have been striving to maintain a culture of the language at the highest level, to which one of the organizations adhered – this time the officials looked at the gaming industry. In order to prevent the increasingly common use of phrases such as “Streamer” or “e-sport”, local equivalents have been set up. All thanks to the project of the Ministry of Culture.

Language is part of a culture that is constantly evolving and changing under the influence of various factors – especially in the age of mass media and globalization, some words from different regions of the world have become permanently imprinted in people’s consciousness. The French intend to fight for the purity of the language through a project by the Ministry of Culture banning the use of certain terms related to the game. As indicated by the representatives of the Ministry, The gaming industry is riddled with language patterns that present an “incomprehensible barrier” to non-video game players.

In France, there is the language guard at the French Academy, which issued a warning in February about the “deterioration of language” and condemned the increased use of English in public life. For now, the authorities have taken a step forward – on Monday, the changes applicable to public sector employees were added in the Official Gazette.

Subsequently French should not use English phrases such as “cloud gaming” or “esports” in its documents – Instead, the French equivalents were developed: “jeu video en nuage” and “jeu video de competition”. The live streamer should be described as “joueur-animateur en direct” and the pro-gamer is “joueur professionnel”.

The general idea behind the ministry is to enable citizens to “communicate more efficiently”. Experts, by analyzing video game websites and magazines, have concluded that some common words can be replaced with French equivalents.

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