Xbox Game Pass is heading to TVs.  Xbox Series X already powers all Xbox Cloud games

Microsoft’s entire infrastructure is already using non-standard versions of the Xbox Series X. The American company has moved the technology to make Xbox Cloud Gaming available in other devices.

Xbox Cloud Gaming has become a very important link for Microsoft, as the American company intends to bring next-generation games to many devices. As a result, the company had to perform a complete infrastructure upgrade and the process was completed.

The Verge editors received information from Microsoft – an update was recently completed to improve game smoothness and load time for Xbox games in the cloud.

Xbox Cloud Gaming worked on all devices at 1080p at 60fps, but by default (thanks to a hardware change), Microsoft will be able to deliver the fun even in 4K.

Currently, however, the company faces the task of making Connect Xbox Cloud Gaming to TVs The company is developing an app that, once installed, will facilitate access to the Xbox Game Pass catalog. However, the situation is interesting, as The Verge confirms previous rumors: Microsoft is already working on an additional device that, when connected to a TV or monitor, will allow us to play games from Xbox Game Pass – devices similar to Chromecast can significantly increase the number of customers of the service .

We recently reported it Microsoft is integrating Xbox Game Pass with the new version of the Xbox websiteSo that players can play the best titles smoothly.


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