Overwatch 2 is a game not worth checking out
October 4, 2022, 21:17

Overwatch 2 is a sequel that is basically just an update. Blizzard released the game for free, introduced some new rules and modified some elements, but it’s still the same production. So there is nothing to review at this point.

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And the

If someone told me six years ago that Blizzard would have such a blast in PR with a sequel Note and watchI would just laugh at him. After all, the company managed to add a new world to its portfolio, and the paid shooting hero was very warmly received. Unfortunately, something went wrong along the way, and there was not enough love and attention, and as a result Note and watch Basically Sharing Fate Storm heroes – Go to the background. In this case, however, it was explained by works on Monitor 2And it is a continuation of fixing all the problems of the original and greatly expanding it, for example with a fantasy campaign!

In the end, it’s hard to say what it actually is Monitor 2. This title was released in early access form, with only PvP modules available. The PvE mode mentioned above will appear, but at a later time. This means that at this point we have only received an update to the original update Note and watchso I decided not to review this piece, or at least not yet. It’s not a new, full-fledged product worth evaluating, but it’s just a free patch that slightly changes the way you play.

Where is the evaluation? Where are the pros and cons?!

If someone needs a completely specific opinion, they may read too Overwatch review by Adam Zechinter 6 years ago And subtract one stitch from him. Instead, continue To my beta impressionsWhere I discuss changes to gameplay which I am (surprisingly!) happy with. Below, in turn, you will find an overview of other innovations that are already impacting Monitor 2Especially from a new player perspective. However, you will have to wait for the rating until Blizzard releases more than just an update to the old game.

It’s a fair price for free, but is it really?

The biggest change from the first Note and watch Moves to a free-to-play model. This means that the “sequel” is available for free. It is not known if it will be the same with the story campaign, but the PvP mode can be used without payment. Of course, there are some catch limits for new players. For example, you have to take into account the fact that you won’t jump into ranked matches right away – you first have to win 50 matches in quick play. Many of? It depends who you ask!

On the other hand, this number should be enough to master the basics of the game and get acquainted with maps and heroes. In addition, the matchmaking system will allow players to recover from the influx of new competitive players. On the other hand, it may turn out that there will be a shortage of people willing to fight for the next ranks, although this problem seems rather marginal.

However, the situation is different with the available heroes. In this case, new people should take into account that they will not receive all characters at once. Instead, they will have to earn it by just playing it. It takes about 100 matches to unlock all the heroes from them Note and watch new z Monitor 2. So get ready for the grind as you’ll unlock everything once you play, and if you win you’ll do it faster! Well, unless you buy an optional package Overwatch 2: Watchpoint PackThen you don’t have to worry at all. So what’s the problem?

I was supposed to write a review for Overwatch 2, but this game isn't worth it - Illustration #1

Monitor 2 Leave the character change mechanisms during the match (either inside the turn or freely – depending on the situation). This solution has a significant impact on the course of the game, allowing you to adapt to the situation on the battlefield. This can be a big surprise for new players who start with a limited set of heroes and only unlock new heroes while playing. They will be less flexible for a long time, or they will forget that this option is actually worth using.

Overwatch nobles are partying to the brim!

However, all of the above doesn’t matter when you’re the proud owner (or not necessarily) Note and watch. In this case, you do not have to unlock the heroes, because you can immediately access them using skins or other cosmetic items from the original. for you Note and watch It will be renamed to Monitor 2but all existing content will remain in its place. You don’t have to fight for the right to ranked games or take over ranks with resets. Just login normally and play like 2016.

Provided, of course, that you have SMS security enabled. to play in Monitor 2You must assign a phone number to your Battle.net account – and it doesn’t matter if you’re a new player or a veteran: it applies to everyone. This is an interesting safety feature that will theoretically reduce the wave of trolls, bots, and other dark star characters that will come into the game. And they’ll come because it’s free, after all.

I was supposed to write a review for Overwatch 2, but this game isn't worth it - Illustration #2

It will be interesting to note the disproportion between the players of the original and fresh fry. The former have experience and all characters have been unlocked, while the latter will take their first steps in Blizzard’s hero shooter. However, it is worth adding that new people, being on one team with veterans, will avoid most of the restrictions. This is an interesting solution, but at the same time I wonder how the matchmaking system will work in fast games.

From my point of view, owners Note and watch They will have a huge advantage not only in terms of skills and knowledge of the game, but also access to heroes. Will this disparity appear? Or maybe it wouldn’t be so tragic? Time will tell! However, I do have to commend Blizzard for the new summary screen, where you can clearly see match stats – both our players and the other players. It’s clearer than the one that was available during the beta, and the first made a good impression.

Give Blizzard a penny, shake your battle card

Monitor 2 It is available for free, which is why it is the most expensive game in the world. Cosmetic prices are cosmic, fortunately they do not affect the strength of the heroes, so it doesn’t really matter. Only collectors will turn their noses at the road and free battle line content. This is weak and the rewards offered in it only encourage you to buy the premium version. The exception is, of course, Kiriko, the newest character we’ll get for free by reaching level 55 of the pass. Well, unless you have one Note and watchYou’ll get it right away, as long as you log into the game before Season 2.

I was supposed to write a review for Overwatch 2, but this game isn't worth it - Illustration #3

Each subsequent new character in Monitor 2 It will be “closed” with a free Battle Pass, and you don’t have to worry if you don’t succeed in a certain season. Blizzard ensured that heroes could always be crushed without spending any money. Plus, the new character won’t be available in rated games for two weeks after its release, so it’s fair in that regard.

When it comes to a paid battle streak, it gives you access to more cosmetic items and automatically unlocks a new character. In the case of the first season, of course, we are talking about the already mentioned Kiriko. For Sojourn and Junker Queen, these two heroes are available naturally, that is, immediately to players in Note and watchAnd for newcomers to play those 100 matches.

Push or grind?

As befits a free game, Monitor 2 It does not require you to pay for anything. Even in the premium battle series, you don’t have to spend money. Just play and complete weekly challenges to earn coin. True, there will not be much of it, but the most persistent will gain something over time. A paid battle pass costs 1,000 Overwatch coins, about 10 euros, which isn’t an exorbitant amount, especially compared to the price of packs with skins that can be found in the store – it’s expensive, or at least that’s what my wallet says.

I was supposed to write a review for Overwatch 2, but this game isn't worth it - Illustration #4

Monitor 2 It also offers an impressive system of challenges, that is, daily and weekly quests, thanks to which we receive, above all, experience points for the pass. Apart from them, there are also challenges related to rated games, a specific season, the completion of the entire account, or a particular character. There are a lot of them, and indeed this kind of development mixed with tasks was already underway Note and watch Wanted, because it stimulates in some way. It definitely encourages you to play another match, check out another character, or meet certain requirements. This way, we actually work on something and are rewarded in some way.

It’s still the same good game

My words so far may sound like whining, but don’t be fooled by appearances – I’m generally happy with the changes in Monitor 2. True, I prefer to keep the original working model, because I bought the game once and all the cosmetics were at hand without reaching for my wallet. In that respect, the sequel is about a bigger grind, basically every aspect, especially when you’re a new player.

However, this is not a problem if you simply love the game, because in reality, all you have to do is “play to win”. All that grinding I mention won’t matter when you plan to spend with Monitor 2 Plenty of time just to have fun. After a dozen hours or so, you’ll get what you want and probably won’t feel restricted. Provided, of course, that you love Blizzard’s work from the start. Otherwise, I cannot guarantee that it will continue to improve, because the essence of pleasure does not change.

I was supposed to write a review for Overwatch 2, but this game isn't worth it - Illustration #5

What about veterans? You should treat the sequel as a good and needed update, because it’s at the heart of the game Monitor 2 It’s just a better title. Especially thanks to the ability to play games without strictly imposed roles in select modes, including Ranked modes! Thanks to this, everyone can play the way they like. It is a pity that loyal fans of the original, who were not convinced by Blizzard’s changes, will be left with nothing, as the original will officially disappear and be replaced by the sequel. That is why this production is just an update of the game from 2016 in the world, not its new version.

On the other hand, people who are not convinced have a perfect opportunity to verify Monitor 2 Free. You don’t have to buy anything, just download the game, enter your phone number and play some matches to judge yourself on the subject of hype. However, I’m afraid that players who are not convinced of the original version yet will have no reason to play. In fact, it is still the same production, and its update will be mainly appreciated by fans. And will the fictional campaign change anything in this regard? We will probably find out in 2023. And who knows, maybe then a full review will come!

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