June 1, 2023


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WhatsApp will make life difficult for snoopers.  We had to wait for so long

WhatsApp will make life difficult for snoopers. We had to wait for so long

WhatsApp is experiencing a small but significant change.  Stalkers won't like it

WhatsApp makes up for one of the biggest privacy gaps. Namely, it will eventually allow you to create exceptions to the contact list. without agreement.

It seems logical that we don’t want to reveal some profile information to the public, but that’s not the same as trying to shut it down. Then it comes in hand Medium setting, which allows access only to people in your contact list.

Question: What if there are people left on the list to be excluded? Let them be friends from work, we don’t want to involve them deeply in our private lives

WhatsApp will allow you to create exceptions

Good news: WhatsApp is finally resolved. A messenger, like its parent Facebook, will allow you to create exceptions, which should be understood as a possibility Permission restrictions for specific numbers.

The new restriction system was tested on a small group of users already in September, but hereby with its release Beta eventually moves to a wider audience.

First of all, it is available in every element of the profile i.e. profile, date of last activity and tab About Me. Second, it should appear to everyone who installs the trial version. No additional restrictions. At least on Android.

The only interesting fact is that exceptions are already available in production, but only in terms of groups and states. Why we had to wait so long for the rest to be kept a secret to the creators.

Image source: Unsplash (Dmitriy Karastelev)

Text source: WhatsApp, ed. King