Gotham Knights was halved almost one month after its release
November 19, 2022, 10:30

author: Camille “grim_reaper” is a cliz

Xbox and PlayStation owners have the opportunity to get Gotham Knights at an attractive price. The new production from WB Games Montreal has already been cut by almost half. Is this the result of a weaker-than-expected reception to the game?

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People who have stopped buying so far Gotham KnightsThey can get a good deal. It turns out that now – a few weeks after the premiere – the WB Games Montreal production can be had for more than half the initial price.

in Playstation Store And in the official store X-Box Interested parties have a chance to fish Gotham Knights for PLN 191.40.00. This is a great chance, because the amount on the day of the premiere fluctuated around PLN 319.00.

For now, the offer is only valid on the digital versions of Sony and Microsoft consoles. It is very likely that soon a similar opportunity will be available to PC owners (on the Steam and Epic Games Store platforms). We still have some time to buy your copy at a bargain price – The discount will last until November 29. The above upgrade is basically dictated by the upcoming Black Friday.

Gotham Knights It is the title that many gamers have been waiting for. It is not surprising that even before the premiere, the producers skillfully light up the atmosphere around their main project. As a result, a large number of fans hoped that he would get at least as good a title as, for example Batman: Arkham Knight. Unfortunately, the work remained It was received moderately warmly by gamers and industry critics.

If that weren’t enough, fewer and fewer people are playing the production. According to the charts available on the site SteamDBAnd the On the Valve platform at the height of the century Gotham Knights About 24,000 people played at the same time. People (on the release date). Currently, these numbers do not exceed 2,000. players at one time.

Finally, let’s remember that Gotham Knights It was released on October 21, 2022 for PC, PS5, and XSX/S.

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