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It was a painful lesson for Polish volleyball players, but it still did not take away their chances of winning the promotion. On Wednesday, the meeting with the Americans is at 20:30. We invite you to our report.

No touch by Serbek, the Polish woman loses to the defending champions 0:3.

Polish women are still being examined.

18:25 – Stysiak unfortunately attacked a bit in the car.

18:24 – Różański point service.

17:24 – Różański reduces losses.

16:24 – Stefanovic hits the block and the ball into the car. Match balls.

16:23 – This time Stefanovic was unstoppable in attack.

16:22 – Boskovic closes the Serbs to a 3-0 victory with a strong attack.

16:21 – Stefanovic succeeded in attacking diagonally.

16:20 – Różański hit near the finish line.

15:20 – Bojana Darka offered her effective advice.

15:19 – Technical error of the Polish woman in the network.

15:18 – The ball is back on our side after Korneluk’s attack, but Różański has improved wonderfully.

14:18 – A bus that uses a block.

14:17 – Stysiak misses the block diagonally.

13:17 – Boskovic attacked in the car, but the Polish women were affected.

13:16 – Lozo misses.

12:16 – Boskovitch is back quickly.

12:15 – Successful Polish challenge after Boskovic’s attack.

11:15 – licks broken on both sides.

10:14 – Busa is in the block, but the ball is flying in the car

10:13 – Boskovic increases his advantage with a diagonal attack.

10:11 – a clever attack from Różański, who struck the hands of her rivals with a gentle movement.

9:11 – Unfortunately this is the same answer as Kornilock.

9:10 – Aleksi’s service failed.

8:10 – Boskovic hit hard from the wing.

8: 9 – Boskovi broke through the block.

8:8 – Stysiak ended his attack by striking from the flank.

7:8 – Polish women were surprised by the defense.

7:7 – capital block Korneluk na Aleksi.

6:7 – Darkness spoils the service.

5:7 – Luzo attacks diagonally successfully.

5:6 – Różański covered the block well.

4:6 – Another Polish women’s attack.

4:5 – Różański serves the network.

4:4 – Stysiak leads to a tie.

3:4 – Attack the thrust accurately in a straight line.

3:3 – This time Różański couldn’t be stopped and found a gap.

2:3 – Różański intercepts the wing.

2:2 – Stefanovic scored at the end of the lane.

2:1 – Korneluk attacked precisely with the center.

1: 1 – Stesiak in the car, you could not hit the block.

1:0 – Korneluk opened the third set with a superb attack.

22:25 – Boskovic finished the second half by defeating the Polish bloc.

22:24 – Stysiak’s powerful attack using a block.

21:24 – Stysiak point service.

20:24 – Gorica extends the second set.

19:24 – Stysiak also attacked the block.

19:23 – Busa stopped at the Korneluk and Stysiak complex.

18:23 – unfortunately it is clearly mistaken in the service area.

18:22 – Rozansky’s offensive begins.

17:22 – Boskovi easily coped with the double block.

17:21 – the judge’s big mistake. The ball is clearly in the court.

16:22 – Różański misses too, but it will be a challenge.

16:21 – Stysiak attack.

16:20 – Alagierska-Szczepaniak hits the net.

16:19 – Różański finished the attack on the wing very well.

15:19 – Alagierska-Szczepaniak scored the match.

14:19 – The Serbs gave us a point, and we lost the match.

13:19 – Alexic repels in the middle of the net.

12:19 – Boskovitch nodded over the block.

12:18 – A great exchange ended with a powerful diagonal attack by Luzo.

12:17 – We can’t get close to Serbak. Gorica misses the service.

11:16 – Polish women with a similar loss as in the previous group.

11:15 – Stysiak from the wing finished brilliantly.

10:15 – Korneluk misses the play.

9:14 – Stysiak finishes the tricky ball with precision.

8:14 – Boskovic is using a block.

8:13 – Różański reduces losses.

7:13 – Boskovic’s strong attack from the flank.

7:12 – Busy counterattack is effective, but after the challenge it turns out they were cars.

6:12 – Unfortunately, Stysiak sent the ball into the car.

6:11 – Darka breaks the position.

5:11 – Darka showed good advice.

5:10 – Stysiak spoils the service, but misses herself a moment later in the attack.

4: 9 – Boskovi attack error.

3:9 – Szlagowska attacked far away in the car.

3:8 – Busa scores with the service.

3:7 – Bosković successfully completed the work.

3:6 – The distance to opponents increased again to three points in the blink of an eye.

3: 4 – Boskovi stopped by a block.

2: 4 – Boskovi car service.

1:4 – The advantage of the candidates in the second match increases rapidly. This time she successfully attacked Yovan Stefanovic.

1:2 – Polish women’s first point after a pampered service by Lozo.

0:1 – Aleksic gives Serbia the lead in the first move of the second set.

24:26 – Stefanovic unfortunately finished the first game with a good serve.

24:25 – Car after the Stysiak play.

24:24 – Stefanovic is hidden in the suite!

23:24 – Stysiak is giving Polish women a chance.

22:24 – This time a sexy sergeant in defense, Boskovic ends up attacking.

22:23 – Good service Korniluk, the Serbs lost their way in defense.

21:23 – Boskovi missed the play.

20:23 – Boskovic’s powerful attack using a block.

20:22 – Korneluk saved the net, but Różański improved from the wing.

19:22 – Car block for Polish women.

19:21 – Boskovi is wrong on the attack, only two stitches to make up.

18:21- And again Korneluk reduces pass losses.

17:21 – Better part of the game by the Polish women, especially Korniluk, who worked on the building.

15:21 – Attack Lozo using a block.

15:20 – Boskovic attacked in the car diagonally.

14:20 – Two more actions in favor of Serbek, and they come close to winning the first set.

14:18 – Alagierska-Szczepaniak demonstrated its successful attack.

13:18 – Monika Jaukovska is banned on the winger.

13:17 – Różański breaks through the Serbec block.

The challenge is ineffective.

12:17 – Automatic Stysiak attack, Lavarini requests a call, however.

12:16 – Stysiak beats the block well this time.

11:16 – Stysiak ran to the block.

11:15 – Gorica hit the antenna.

11:14 – A car after the Cornilock block.

11:13 – Różański also scored from serving.

10:13 – Różański dealt with one block.

9:13 – Serb women run away with the score, Lavarini asks for time.

9:11 – Korneluk cuts losses.

8:11 – Stysiak is lost in the attack.

8:10 – The Alagierska-Szczepaniak website is down.

7:9 – Luzo found a loophole in the block.

7:8 – Alagierska-Szczepaniak scored, but Serbek’s answer is good.

6:7 – Good play for Stefanovic.

6:6 – Stysiak serves in the car.

6:5 – Alagierska-Szczepaniak successfully attacked from a short distance.

5:5 – a narrow beginning of the meeting. Fighting point for point.

4: 4 – Korneluk did not break through the block.

4:3 – Polish women maintained their lead after the Stysak attack.

3:2 – Maja Aleksic attacked in the car.

2:2 – Stysiak tied after a good counterattack.

1:2 – Bianca Bossa misses the attack.

0:2 – Tijana Boskovic hits a neat straight line.

0:1 – Magdalena Stisiak repels in the first attack.

Video: Krzysztof Srogosz / eurosport.pl The first six Polish women who met Siebki

But while introducing the teams, there was a change in the Polish team. Klaudia Alagierska-Szczepaniak next to Agnieszka Korneluk in the middle.

Video: Krzysztof Srogosz / eurosport.pl National anthem before the Poland-Serbia match in the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2022

National anthems have already been sung. The match begins in a few minutes.

This is the starting line-up for the Polish national team:

Polish women already got acquainted with the dance floor before today’s meeting:

Video: Krzysztof Srogosz / eurosport.pl Polish women at the Atlas Arena before the match against Serbia

In other meetings on Tuesday, the F group, the Canadians defeated the Thai women in good style, and the Americans didn’t give the Dominican women many chances. Both outcomes are favorable for whites and reds.

Serbia’s biggest star, attacking Tijana Boskovic, looks great at the World Cup. The 25-year-old led the team, incl. To achieve a very convincing victory with the Americans. By winning 3-0 against a team from abroad, the players from Europe proved that they are ready not only to win a medal, but also to defend the title.

We remind you that you can follow the schedule, results and schedules of the 2022 Volleyball Championship here:

The Lodz portion of the World Cup, which will run from Tuesday to Saturday, will decide which teams from Group F will qualify for the World Cup quarter-finals. In addition to Serbia, Polish women will also play against Americans, Canadians and Germans.

Welcome to our coverage of the 2022 World Volleyball Championships. Polish women consuming the second stage of the tournament face a very tough challenge on Tuesday. The team led by coach Stefano Lavarini plays in the Lodz Atlas Arena, where the Serbs defend the title and are undefeated so far in the tournament.

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