How long will you live?  The algorithm will provide the date

If you want to point to something that absolutely unites all people in the world, you will have to choose death. As sad as it is, that's it We all die eventually And you just have to accept this fact. However, how much time we have left is still unknown. Some have more of it, others much less. However, we all have no idea when this will happen.

But this may change soon – All thanks to the advanced algorithm developed by Danish scientists. They want to create an AI-based tool that will be able to determine with relative accuracy when we will die. The algorithm will take into account various environmental factors, characteristics of this person from the moment of birth, and many more. Are you ready to find out the answer to one of the most mysterious questions?

Scientists from Denmark They are far from describing their project as revolutionary or shocking. They are aware of the number of scams being carried out on the Internet using alleged knowledge about human death. They have cut themselves off from any tools that can predict when we will die for money. In fact, their design com. live2vec It assumes a completely reasonable use of facts from our life, which a trained algorithm will be able to turn into certain predictions about a specific person.

And scientists have a lot of data. They currently estimate that the algorithm was trained on anonymized information from 6 million Danish citizens. Currently, researchers are analyzing a specially selected group of people aged 35 to 65 years in the period from 2008 to 2016. In this case, individual life events, health issues and the like are analyzed. Due to the relatively low age of this group of people, the average number of deaths is rather low – the average life expectancy in Denmark is 80 years. Thanks to this, the algorithm will be able to more effectively learn the cause-and-effect sequence that leads to premature death – or the chances of contracting a disease.

The Danish algorithm works quite similarly ChatGPTBut its goal is to find and analyze the variables that affect our lives. It is place of birth, chosen educational path, professional development, diet, dealing with various issues, such as society, morality and more. The algorithm is versatile, and predicting the time of death is just one of its potential capabilities. It can also indicate the occurrence of cancer and much more.

The algorithm's history so far shows that it works. And this is very good, because based on the analyzed data, scientists determined that the algorithm predicts death with an accuracy of 78%, and was able to determine the possibility of a particular person moving to another country with an accuracy of 73%. Interestingly, the scientists do not want to commercialize their project.

There would be a lot of people willing to buy it, but as the researchers admit, it would be harmful to us. For example, insurance companies are presented who would be happy to use these tools. Disclosure of a high risk of illness or death means refusal to conclude the contract or a significant increase in the premium. Danish scientists don't want that.

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