“Only pigs sit in the cinema” – TVN24 is outraged by this slogan.  Duda: I will not watch Hollande’s movie

“Only pigs sit in the cinema”

On the “Guest News” program yesterday, President Duda commented on Agnieszka Holland’s film “Green Borders”. -I’m sorry that such a movie is being made; Which – as I heard – decisively discredits the Polish officers. I even read an opinion that showed them as almost sadistic. These are people who do their duty; who perform the tasks; Who guard the borders of the Republic of Poland and the security of Poles – said the President.

As he noted, Polish soldiers “also guard the borders of the European Union and the Schengen Area, so they fulfill our international obligations; “they protect it from the hybrid action of the authorities of a foreign state hostile to Poland.” He also noted that the Belarusian regime is cooperating “in consultation with Moscow.”

Duda noted on TVP that Polish officers are performing “their tasks for the sake of Polish society, for the safety of all of us, and for the safety of the Republic of Poland.”

– I am not surprised that the border guard officers who watched this film used the slogan “Only pigs sit in the cinema,” which we have known since the time of the Nazi occupation, when Nazi propaganda films were shown in our cinemas.

– He said.

“I will not watch this movie”

President Andrzej Duda commented on this statement on TVN24. – Do you seriously think that the citizens who are going to see Agnieszka Holland’s film are pigs? – asked the presenter Marcin Frona.

Agnieszka Holland's film distorts Polish uniforms

-Do you know, editor, what the right to quote is? Do you know what I said yesterday? The question was worded incorrectly because it was a quote – the president pointed out.

– I said that I was not surprised (by the slogan “Only pigs sit in the cinema” used by the border guards – Editor), he said, stressing that in the opinion of the people he quoted it was A film that denigrates border guards, showing them as almost sadistic, and a film that is widely viewed as anti-Polish, showing a false image of how Polish services work, and of us, the nation, as a nation that does not. It wants to accept refugees into its lands.

– A country that recently received millions of refugees from Ukraine. This is making a staunchly anti-Polish film, which I find completely inappropriate

– he said, wondering how Poles who accept so many people from Ukraine could feel when “a famous director, instead of making a film about how Poles opened their hearts and accepted refugees fleeing from Russian forces, makes a film that denigrates Polish forces, Poles and Russians.” Poland “.

"Green border"

He said – I do not agree with it because I am the president and it is my duty to disagree with him. He confirmed: “I will not watch this movie, and I will not pay more to see it.”

– I assure you that they welcomed this film in Minsk and in Moscow as well

– added.

Source: nielezna.pl, TVP Info, TVN24

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