Robert Blake, well-known actor m.  From “The Lost Highway”

And the media reported that Robert Blake, known for his roles as the mysterious man from Lost highway Lynch or Tony Baretta in the series Barrett. The actor was suffering from illness.

Born on September 18, 1933, Blake played in a band with his brothers from an early age Three Little Hillbillies. His father was an Italian immigrant from New Jersey who, according to Blake, abused him. When Blake was 5 years old, he moved into the category where he worked as an extra in MGM productions and later appeared in series productions. Our gang. In the following years, he acted in films like HumorousAnd Sierra Madre treasureAnd Monsters of Budapest, Poor Chop Hill, a story for all time And Prepared for filtering And in cold blood. In 1975 he started his adventure with serial BarrettFor which he won a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award. Later he stopped acting, after which he appeared in it DoomsdayAnd money train And he mentioned Lost highway – This role was the last, since in 2001 he was charged with the murder of his then wife, Bonnie Lee Buckley. A woman was shot in a car parked in front of a restaurant. Blake testified that he was not present at the incident because he had returned to the restaurant. In 2002, the actor was arrested for the murder, as was his bodyguard, who was accused of complicity. Against Blake, stuntman Ronald Hambleton testified that Blake wanted him to kill his wife. Less than a year later, Blake was released on bail, and in 2005 the charges were dismissed as the jury voted in his favour.

After this incident, Blake lost a civil suit brought by Buckley’s children from previous relationships. The actor had to pay $30 million in compensation. In 2006 he declared bankruptcy. In 2011, he released his autobiography, Tales of a Bastard.

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