a test.  What are they saying in this scene?  Match the dialogues with scenes from Polish comedy films

Polish comedy from the time of the Polish People's Republic They are still unmatched when it comes to humor and great dialogues. Unfortunately, today it is difficult to find films like “Miś”, “Sami swoi”, “Seksmisja”, “Nothing's Funny”, “CK Dezerterzy” or the series “Alternatives 4” and “Career of Nikodema Dyzma”.

a test: What are they saying in this scene? Match the quote to the frame from the comic of the People's Republic of Poland

You've probably seen them all multiple times and know every scene inside out. If so, we assume that you can quote without any problems Dialogues and lines from popular Polish comedies. In this test, you will have to match a quote to a movie scene. One picture should be enough to guess what the characters are saying in that particular clip.

a test. Cult comedy of the Polish People's Republic. Do you remember the dialogues from these scenes?

The lines spoken by Polish comedy characters have become a permanent part of our language. “Madam Director, may I smoke?”, “I see a brothel here”, “The court is the court, and justice must be on our side” – these quotes are often given in everyday situations. When we hear it, certain movie scenes immediately come to mind, and vice versa – we see a familiar frame and already know what was said in that scene.

Do you remember what Zdzisław Dyrman said in “Miś” when he introduced his wife to Hochwander and Chrostowicz? What does the dialogue between the saleswoman and the dissatisfied customer look like in “What Will You Do to Me If You Arrest Me”? Surely you also remember what Pawlak's mother said when she handed him a grenade before the lawsuit with the Kargol family.

If you think you know the comedy cinema of the Polish People's Republic like the back of your hand and nothing can surprise you when it comes to “Teddy Bear”, “What Would You Do to Me If You Caught Me”, “There's No Rose Without Fire”, “Substitutes 4″, ” Sami swoi”, “Seksmisja”, “Kogel mogel” and other comedy classics, then try to get all the points in our test. 14 points to be scored. good luck!

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