Coffee is becoming more expensive due to climate change and increasing popularity

Italians are starting to sound the alarm that the coffee market has gone crazy, pointing out that for a cup of espresso you have to pay up to 1.40 euros, which is more than half the price of last year. Experts point out that the high prices are affected by both ongoing climate change and the growing demand for it in China. Another factor driving up coffee prices is European Union law, which requires proof from producers that no deforestation has occurred in the area where the coffee comes from.

Were you shocked by the price of PLN 100 per kilogram of beans? This cherry will sweep you off your feet!

A little black dress is worth its weight in gold

The average price of an espresso in Italy is around €1.20, according to recent calculations by Italian consumer organization Assoutenti, although there are places where you have to pay 20 cents more. Last year, coffee in Italy cost on average no more than one euro.

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