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What did Bowie Cookie sing? We remind him of his texts


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Prior to his professional involvement in politics, Bowie Cookies was Team Leader for Breasts in 1984-2013, and was also active in:in a. In the band Aya RL i Emigranci, in 2003 he released a popular album in a duet with Jan Borisevich, he has several film roles to his credit. He composed the scripts for many of the songs he sings, which often touch on political themes, often with expletives.

Wojewódzki is ashamed of Kukiz. In 2015, he got angry

Political lyrics of Pawe Kukiz songs – Attention, obscenity!

Probably the song most often cited by Kukiz today is “Virus_sld” from the album “Piracka CD” released at the time he was recording under the name Kukiz i Piersi. Handles directly to Policy:

How do I really hate you and how do I despise you

How ashamed of you when I look outside sometimes

How do I disgust you, how do I know you silly

I am so amazed at the people who chose such nonsense

Everything you touch instantly turns to dust

Locusts are a fairy tale with you because the whole country is corrupt

Overgrown murders, crooked nose, fucking everywhere you go

How do I really hate you, how am I going to beat you up

And even if he spits it in your face, you say it’s raining

Fucking your party has what robs me of my patriotism

There will come a time when you will pay for all whores

I’ll put you in helicopters and you’ll never come back

Watch the video
Lana Parilla stars in this series from the first scene. What fashion, what secrets!

This Twitter text is similar to Sosnowiec Mayor Arkadiusz Chęciński. Paweł Kukiz once wrote a song about politicians ‘How I Hate You, How I Despise You’ with a huge amount of boos. Today, with the parliamentary majority, they danced together on this songs. Shame #lexTVN” – wrote.

Cookies became seriously politically involved when he was a member of the Honorary Committee in Support of Donald Tusk in the 2005 presidential election. In 2006-2007 he supported Hanna Gronkewicz-Waltz’s local government campaign and the Civic Platform parliamentary campaign, but today he is closer to law and justice, voting for the ‘lex project’ TVN” (In June of the same year, Kukiz’15 entered into a program agreement – on specific laws – with the ruling party.

nutritional system.  Bowie cookiesPanasewicz about the situation in the sim: I feel ashamed every day when I had to shake hands with you, you bastard

The Kukiz’15 group was formed before the presidential election in 2015, in which Pawe Kukiz won with 21 percent of the vote. voices. Six years later, according to a survey conducted by IBRiS in May for Polsat, Kukiz’15 can’t count on enough votes to be in the House.

Breasts often wrote very sharply about the Communists, about the left wing, and much less so about the right wing (“Ordynacka”, “Oh, Partyjo!” or “On the Fourth of June”). Cookies himself has been a member of Parliament since November 2015, although 20 years ago, Percy’s repertoire included, for example, the song “Do Warszawy jest pany” (album “Return to Paradise”), in which the term “chamy” appears. Also . In turn, in 2019, as a Member of Parliament, he released the album “Wyspa Zielony” with the band Perverados, about which Krzysztof Varga wrote “mainly on Jaroslav Kaczyński”. “Green Island,” published at the height of the PiS law, is a scathing criticism of the platform, and in principle of all current opposition. At the same time, it is better for a politician to record songs than to have them performed in the House of Representatives”- hung Then blank.

The “lex TVN” law was voted on by PiS deputies, and three Kukiz’15 deputies (Pawe Kukiz, Stanisław Żuk and Jarosław Sachajko). The full list is here.

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