Onet's “I Don't Feel A Thing” is among the Eagles' nominees

The film's screenplay by Anita Bogańska and Janusz Schwertner is based on four interconnected stories hidden behind a veil of silence and taboo. In the background, the devastating child psychiatric system plays out and the question is raised of how many dramas it will take until we finally open our eyes.

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The characters are united by sensitivity. This is a trait that has always been defined as a weakness. Is this correct? In a world where we drop our masks and stop pretending, sensitivity becomes the strength of character.

The film's heroes were the first to dare to talk about problems, to overcome shyness, and although their stories do not always show hope, in the end it is impossible not to see the light in them. – With the movie “No, I Don't Feel It,” we want to move the conscience. Always making the topic of child psychiatry a staple of public debate. We intend to create a shock that will lead to specific systemic changes. On a social level, we want to show our viewers who these young people with mental problems are and what forces them to seek help – said Anita Bogańska and Janusz Schwertner.

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