Pawe Deląg showed his youngest son on Instagram for the first time

Paweł Deląg He is the father of two sons: 28 years old Pee I’m 20 lenitego Nicholas. Recently, the actor flaunted a photo in the company of his eldest son, A. Fans in the comments were delighted. Now on the actor’s Instagram there are shots where he shows a mountain trek. Bowie Deleg was accompanied by his sister Dorota and her daughter Sarah, as well as his son Mikowaj. The whole family went on a trip to Zakopane. The actor organized a dog sleigh trip for his niece, and the animals pulled the girl’s sleigh. In the description of the post the star wrote:

Pawe Deląg showed his son on Instagram

It is worth noting that this is the first time that Bowie DeLeg has shown his youngest son. Only this year, the media received information that the actor has a second child. Until now, it was known that Bowie DeLeg had a son PeeBorn in 1993, his mother is an actress. Katarzyna Jagdarska. According to media reports, it is known that the second son of the actor was born in 2001 and lives in Warsaw. It was not possible to determine who the boy’s mother was, and Bowie Delig will not talk about it.

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By publishing the post on Instagram, Pawe Deląg tags his sister and son. Many posts can be found on Mikołaj Deląg’s profile. He has definitely inherited his father’s beauty.

Pawe Deląg on my children: I want them to be better than me

The children of Bowie DeLeg follow a similar career path. The actor revealed in an interview with Michał Misiorek of Pleiades that his eldest son is not only active in the film industry. It turns out that the young man is taking his first steps in the profession. Guysdor was asked if he was not afraid that their name would make them daunting.

Children always have a hard time. This is how they must mentally and mentally kill their father somehow to get over him. And I want my sons to rise, to be better than me. I sincerely wish them that, but it does not prevent us from being friends. When Pawe came back from different plans, he told me what this person or the other had told him about me. And what makes me happy are often kind words, he said.

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