Cannes 2022. Anya Rubik in two outfits and Monica Olegnik in a Ukrainian wreath

For a few more days, we will be able to enjoy stars from around the world Cannes International Film Festival. Among them there are also representatives of Polish show business. We’ve already written about the great entrance Natalia Janushek For the red carpet that does just that She stunned photojournalists and media outlets with her stylebut she also had another side with herself Tom CruiseAs well as dad. Joanna Collegewhich is the juror of the section dedicated to films distinguished in their original style, Un Certain Regard. In the days following the festival, Polish women also took pictures. You made a fuss Anya Rubik He wears an elegant classic black suit. In turn, at the “Women in Motion” party, one of the festival’s partners, the model presented herself in Create laceAwakens imagination.

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He also visited, among other things Director Małgorzata Szumowska And actress Sandra Drzimalska, famous from Netflix’s Sexify series, posed in a simple black dress with pleats by Magda Butrym. On the other side Monica Oleinik She decided to express her support for Ukraine and put a large wreath on her head in Ukrainian colors.

It was 2022. Polish women on the red carpet

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