April 1, 2023


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Jon Favreau confirms plans for a Star Wars movie after Episode IX

Coming up next month Star Wars Celebration We know the plans Lucasfilm For the future star Wars. After a few years, these breaks would finally include film projects. According to the news, the action of one of them will take place after the events of The seventh episodesninth. This information was confirmed by the creator of the series a few days ago The Mandalorian.

in a given interview Movie TV Jon Favreau He said what are the elements of the universe star Wars He must pay attention when creating the next pieces of his plot puzzle. The key is of course the sequels’ trilogy expanded universe. However, as it turns out, the further future also plays an important role, as the poster is already making plans for it.

“What happens after the sequel trilogy is also important. Because its action takes place over only a few years. And it’s something big on screen, a cinematic event. But that’s a relatively short moment in history compared to thousands of years in the universe.” star Wars. What happens next is also interesting – and I know there are conversations about what happens next.”

movie set after Celestial Rise According to all the information, it is created under the authority Damon Lindelof. Lindelof And Justin Brett Gibson They work on the project scenario with the help of the already assigned manager – Sharmeen Obaid Chion. However, we just found out that there will definitely not be a movie star Warswhich he would have produced Kevin Feige.

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