The House of the Dragon would not have happened without the stubbornness of George R. R. Martin
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July 21 2022, 09:26

House of the Dragon wasn’t the only series under consideration that could be used as a spin-off for Game of Thrones. The competition was high and it was practically not clear who would be the winner in the end.

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The Hollywood Reporter Recipe String creation process Dragon House After we met earlier thanks to the gate Characters and actors that we will see in the production. This time, the history of how the period known as the Dance of the Dragons and the events that preceded it were chosen in general is presentedthat can be found in the book fire and blood.

Knight with white superheroes and Westeros

As THR reported, it’s over games of thrones It opened up whole new possibilities for HBO. The company had a chance to do the same with the brand that Disney did with Marvel and its Cinematic Universe. However, the experience was missing, because in the company’s 40-year history, no occasional branch was created at the same time. It was uncertain whether Game of thrones It makes sense as a franchise, not a one-time phenomenon. HBO Vice President Francesca Orsi reported this:

I think there was a lack of trust within the company because the show was huge and impactful. We saw it as an opportunity to tell amazing stories, but we didn’t want to replace it games of thrones As the most epic show.

One of the first two ideas was related to Tales from the Seven Kingdoms (Dunk and Egg Tales), which depicted the adventures of a dunk knight and his box of Eggs, and the event took place 90 years before the known events of Songs of Ice and Fire. The second was the Dance of Dragons, which involved the plot of a power struggle between two Targaryen camps. It was this war that destroyed the order there 180 years ago long story.

The first proposal was initially rejected, but HBO authorities liked the second. The problem, however, was that there was little desire to do a repetition games of thronesThis impression was left by the plot of A Dance of Dragons. So they began collecting new ideas, and on the way, even the concept of a superhero appeared: a story of how the seven gods, namely father, mother, virgin, crony, warrior, blacksmith and stranger, roamed around the world until their story finally became faith. The idea did not last long.

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The Dragon House wins the “War of the Five Ideas”

In the end, five concepts remained on the battlefield: The first was about the end of the Targaryen Empire in ancient Valyria, the second was about the story of Nymeria who brought her country Rhoynar to Westeros, and the third was about Aegon the Conqueror who conquered the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. The fourth was the dance of dragons and the fifth was a long night.

The last idea was a legend from centuries ago when the first ghouls appeared and humans were finally able to fight off their invasion. He was the one who got picked, because HBO still didn’t want another story about the fight for the throne. The series received the title blood moon And there was a beta episode, but the project eventually ended up in the trashAlthough everything is done correctly, as former WarnerMedia board member Robert Greenblatt stated:

It’s not like you can’t watch it or it’s hopeless. It was very well made and looked great. However, it didn’t take me like the original series. It also lacks the specific depth and juiciness of the pilot episode games of thrones.

idea for Dragon House It was made on beer. in 2018 George RR Martin Ryan Condall called for an interviewDuring which he wanted to make him a job offer. The gentlemen had known each other for several years, when Condall while filming an episode of NBC in 2013 called a writer he was a huge fan of.

Their entire meeting in 2018 was about Dragon Dance. Martin could not accept the rejection of this project because he chose to implement it. As Condall recalls, his clients called him the next day to ask if this was the subject of the interview, as they were contacted by HBO about Dragon House.

This quick action was a result of Martin’s growing position on HBO. In the early years of the search for a successor games of thrones The writer felt excluded, but the failure of the eighth season, accusations by fans of rushing to finish the plot (Martin wanted 10 seasons) and the final refusal. blood moon He made the influence of the author of the series grow.

In 2021, HBO signed a five-year contract with George R.R. Martin, and Condall confirmed the writer’s good eye in picking the right people.. His script turned out to be the best ever, and it was completely done by Miguel Saposhnik, who was responsible for some of the toughest and best episodes of the entire series. games of thrones. He didn’t want to go back to Westeros anymore, but he changed his mind, so the team needed to create the entire project that Martin wanted.

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