Anker's magnetic power bank could be a hit this holiday 2024. This baby won't just charge your iPhone
April 28, 2024, 6:00 pm

Forget about cables and stop guessing how much battery you have left thanks to the Anker MagGo Multi-Functional Power Bank.

More and more beautiful weather means potentially spending more and more time outside. This, in turn, may be related to the lack of constant availability of electricity, thanks to which we can charge our portable electronic devices. I have faced a situation several times where my smartphone died while spending time with friends. So that you don't have to know what it feels like to be without a phone, it's worth equipping yourself with a good power bank in advance.

Don't worry about unexpected power loss with Anker MagGo.

Shipping away from home is more convenient than ever

Although portable chargers have been around in many homes for a long time, the Anker MagGo power bank has several very practical advantages over many products of this type available on the market. Its main feature is the possibility of wireless magnetic charging using MagSafe technology intended for the iPhone 12 to 15 series.

It allows you to forget about excess cables and hold the phone comfortably, as well as while taking photos, while using the fast charging function and monitoring the battery temperature.

Source: Amazon, promotional graphics.

Source: Amazon, promotional graphics.

Thanks to the extra foot placed on the back of the battery It can also be used as a portable stand, allowing you to watch movies or series comfortably while traveling. However, it also has a classic USB C input, allowing you to service or revive any type of device.

Check out the small and convenient Anker MagGo power bank.

Aside from shipping capabilities, The power bank has a small screen on the side of the case that shows the battery status in percentage and remaining usage time or time remaining to recharge it. This is a huge convenience, unlike most portable chargers currently on the market, which come with simple charging status markers.

Small and lightweight, 10000mAh power

With a weight as low as approximately 250 grams, the Anker MagGo power bank has a capacity of 10,000 mAh. To be clear, it is This is the power that allows you to fully charge most phones on the market almost twice, and many times more in the case of smaller electronic devices.such as headphones or smart watches.

With dimensions of 107.3 x 68.8 x 19.8 mm, the device can easily fit in the hand of an older or younger user. It is a wonderful and practical gift for yourself or your loved ones, regardless of age. I certainly would not be offended by such a gift.

Buy Anker MagGo power bank and control the battery charge level.

Source: Amazon, promotional graphics.

Source: Amazon, promotional graphics.

The Anker MagGo power bank can be found in a “Flash Deal” on German Amazon at a starting price of PLN 330.53 (+ PLN 25.87 for shipping), in 5 different colors – black, white, green, pink and blue. The kit includes an additional USB-C to USB-C cable.

Here you can buy Anker MagGo Powerbank for PLN 330.53.

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