Oil from Russia went to the Pentagon.  First, it was “washed” by a refinery from Greece

The Greek refinery bought “washed” oil from Russia

The Washington Post cites data from Refinitiv, which deals with the flow of raw materials. According to her, the Greek company imported oil from the Turkish Dortyol station. On the other side This depot received most of its supplies (exactly 3.5 of 5.4 million barrels) from Russia.

However, along the way, the fuel was changed. First, it was purchased by a company registered in the UAE, then by a Turkish state-owned company.

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Pentagon: We had no knowledge that the oil came from Russia

This was stated by a Pentagon representative to the newspaper The administration had no “knowledge” of the fuel coming from Russia Addressed to the Greek supplier. The ministry stressed that its contractors, including Motor Oil Hellas, “are responsible for ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations regarding business with Russia and Russian companies” and “must certify that they comply with these laws and regulations as part of the acquisition process.” “.

The Greek company denied purchasing petroleum products from Russia. It confirmed that it would buy petroleum products from Russia. But when asked if she verifies the authenticity of these testimonies, she did not answer.

Russia continues to evade sanctions

The newspaper, in turn, confirmed this in conversations with experts These certificates are often forged. Especially in Türkiye, they are usually accepted without any questions asked.

They are not actively trying to prevent this. They have no motive. This is a very profitable trade that brings in money for Turkey, which has good relations with Russia (…) That is why they take a very light regulatory approach, preferring to trust the documents provided to them without asking questions, George Voloshin, an expert in combating money laundering and financial crimes, told the newspaper.

According to what the Washington Post quoted experts Russia is able to bypass the sanctions imposed on it, including the ceiling on Russian oil prices imposed by the G7. This can be done, among other things, by: Due to poor enforcement of current restrictions.

Until now Only two companies from Turkey and the United Arab Emirates received financial sanctions for circumventing restrictions on Russian raw materials – To trade Russian oil at a price higher than the established limit.

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