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Panic erupted in Poland over a possible sugar shortage. Retail chains have noticed that customers are buying huge amounts of the sweet stuff.

On Friday, July 22nd, Lidl made the decision to impose restrictions on the purchase of sugar. Currently, only 10 kg of the popular product can be purchased in the German chain of stores. Earlier, Biedronka and Netto took a similar step.

Showed the situation with sugar in Germany. Registration is done online

Store representatives assure that they are doing their best to provide customers with unlimited access to sugar. However, consumers do not seem reassured by such advertisements. Sugar quickly disappears from the shelves. It is not available in many stores. One netizen decided to check the situation outside our western borders.

Social media circulated a recording showing the stock of sugar in a German supermarket. A TikTok user with the alias jolcik_misia posted a video showing packages of the desired product lying on a pallet. Right next to it we see flour packets.

The Internet user also notes the price of sugar in Germany. It turns out that one kilogram of the product costs 79 cents. This is currently about 3.75 PLN.

Sugar in Poland is more expensive than in Germany? The comparison gives food for thought

Restrictions in Polish stores are a reaction to the lack of sugar in various locations. Marcin Hadaj, director of corporate communications at the company Pedronka, admitted in an interview with that “due to the decrease in the availability of this product on the Polish market, some customers buy indivisible quantities of sugar.”

Based on the analysis of receipts, it can be concluded that the buyers are entrepreneurs and not families. This is the best evidence of the attractiveness of the price of sugar in the Pedronka chain – from 3.49 PLN per kilogram in the current offer – assures the representative of the store.

Despite minor issues with availability, everything indicates that sugar can be bought in Poland at a much cheaper rate than in Germany. Of course, it should be noted that we do not know which market the Internet user went to. However, after the store appeared in the video, it can be concluded that it was rather a discount network, so a comparison with prices in Pedronka is enough. On the other hand, to compare prices, you need to consider the purchasing power of both countries. Not surprisingly, a German could buy more sugar from his salary than a Pole.

In Germany, you have to work 3 minutes per kilogram of sugar, and in Poland – half an hour – one commenter explained.

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