New amount tax-free?  An extra 300 PLN per month in the pockets of Poles

Currently, the tax-free amount is PLN 30,000. Civic Platform announced that if it wins the election, it will double that amount, bringing it to 60,000 PLN.

Extra money in your wallet thanks to the new tax credit

The people who got them inside

From the national minimum, PLN 3,600 total, to about PLN 7,000 total

They have a potential opportunity to benefit from a lower tax burden. This, in turn, may have a positive impact on their net pay.

But we must remember that any salary increase depends on the outcome of the upcoming elections.

For such a scenario to materialize, the KO party must win.

Accounts for specified amounts of remuneration

Thanks to the new tax-free amount (PLN 60,000), an employee who earns a total of PLN 7,000 (with an employment contract) will be richer by an additional PLN 300 each month.

With a gross salary of 5,000 PLN, for example, it would be 187.75 PLN.

However, with a total salary of 4,500 PLN – 136 PLN.

“The largest tax cut in Poland’s history”

“The Obywatelska platform proposes the largest tax cut in history! Go to and see how you will benefit from our proposal! – MP Kinga Gajewska announced recently on her X account (formerly Twitter).

We are a party that wants to represent people who want to work.

We are proposing the largest tax cut in Poland’s history

– That is, an increase in the amount of tax exemption to PLN 60,000.

With earnings up to 6,000 PLN, no tax will be paid

– Announced some time ago, MP Kinga Gajewska.

The bank’s decision may surprise you. It’s a very high profile case. Many Poles will benefit from this

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