Mysterious Auchan carts.  We know what was inside.  This was purchased by customers in Warsaw

As reported by Auchan representatives, the experimental campaign “Mystery Vehicle” was very popular among customers. We then prepared 100 carts containing more than 1,000 products. The campaign received huge interest from consumers, with all the strollers sold out in a record time of 40 minutes! Interestingly, the higher value strollers sell the fastest. After such a good reception of this initiative, we decided to expand the campaign to the whole of Poland – said Frederic Valet, Marketing Director at Auchan Polska.

The mysterious Ochan chariot. What was inside? We have pictures of strollers

On Friday, April 12, 7,000 people showed up at all 70 Auchan supermarkets. Mysterious carts. Work starts at 1pm and continues until 16pm or until supplies last.

We were at Auchan hypermarket in Mujahideen. Jubilerska in Warsaw, see at the exhibition the goods contained in the discounted trolleys. The price of strollers in this store was about PLN 100-200.

The chain's press release described a “variety of industrial products, such as small household appliances, home decor and textiles, gardening supplies, toys, sports equipment, DIY products and many more.” The contents of the carts are a surprise to customers and valued accordingly 300 PLN, 400 PLN and 500 PLN. Each of them can be purchased at a discount at least 66 Proc. – Transfer. Ochan is planning more Mystery Cart campaigns.

Mysterious carts in Auchan! Customers buy “pig in a poke”. What's inside?

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