May 30, 2023


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The pharmacy chain withdraws the product from sale. “Ingestion may involve risk of damage to the mouth or esophagus”

It’s about almond paste.

As we read in the GIS edition, the presence of foreign bodies was found inside the tested product – “sharp, flexible pieces of plastic, approximately 0.5-1 cm in size. Therefore, consumption of the product may be associated with risks of damage to the oral cavity or esophagus.”

Product details:
Product Name: Almond Butter Planta Almond Paste, 180 gm
International Barcode: 5902283002182
Batch No.: KPM 180g / 2021 10 06
Minimum durability date: 04.2023
Made in the EU for: Sweet Hawo Loper Poland Pawe Filip Pisarzewski,
water. They complained 18, 05-092 Umyanki
Distributor: Rossmann SDP Sp. z oo ul. St. Teresa 109 91-222 Lodge:

Sweet Hawo Loper Poland announced that the product went to the Rossmann department store chain. All stores are notified of the threat. They are pulled from stores, may no longer be on the market.

ROSSMANN Supermarkety Drogeryjne Polska Sp. z oo, ul. St. Teresy 109, 91-222 Łódź confirmed that all pharmacies of the ROSSMANN SDP chain had received a letter informing about the need for protection against possible sale of the aforementioned. For product with batch number: KPM 180g / 2021 10 06 and date of minimum durability 04.2023 – We read in the GIS version.

The company announced this on 03/30/2022. On the ROSSMANN website and at the exit from pharmacies there is information for customers about the ongoing process of recalling the product from the market and the possibility of returning it – Add representatives for GIS.

State health inspection bodies monitor the recall process by the entities responsible for the product. The product should not be eaten.

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