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The transport minister’s romances have hit the headlines after photos of him not wearing a seatbelt caused a stir.

For months, a somewhat strange rumor linked the handsome minister to the ubiquitous host Jean-Philippe Vauthier. Even the prime minister allowed a hint of sulfurous imaginary nonsense on the airwaves of Radio-Canada radio.

Mathieu, Genevieve and Jean-Philippe

The vaudeville of a minister’s love is usually reserved for the French media, aspiring to “stardom” (Popularization In France) political figures.

The use of social media by our politicians is nothing new to this phenomenon, nothing more than the revival of the National Assembly.

When our elected officials spend more time talking about their passions than ministering, it’s time to put your foot on the brakes.

Last week, the Wauthier – Guilbault – Lacombe team tried to fix the facts by all means. No, Jean-Philippe is not in a relationship with Geneviève (as claimed by the gentleman in Paul Arcand) and yes, he is in a relationship with Madame Matheu Lacombe and the lovebirds love football (see the photo shared on Madame’s Instagram account).

Entertainment funded by your taxes

If there’s only one reason to comment on this gossip, it’s that all of our heroes get paid with your tax dollars, mine included.

Does it not shock anyone that we spend so much time discussing matters of the heart that we should be talking about culture, transport, road investments or heritage?

The angst must be even greater for Genevieve Guilbault, an ambitious politician who, while holding demanding and prestigious positions without making too many mistakes, finds herself reduced to love affairs.

Many politicians have multiplied victories in the hills without uttering a single word. Can we get down to business once and for all?

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