Netflix: December premieres and news.  Series and Movies: Brokat, Glass Onion, Once Upon a Time at National Number One

Once upon a time on the national single – premiering December 1

“Once Upon a National Number One” It is an unprecedented series on the Polish market. This original crime comedy relies heavily on the poetics of dark humor, which gains momentum when the fates of the series’ characters meet in unexpected circumstances. A group of strangers find 2 million Polish zlotys in a getaway car after a bank robbery. The heroes decide to keep the money they find unnoticed and then divide it up. Their plans are thwarted by a clumsy criminal who won’t give up his loot easily.

Glitter – premieres December 14

this is Another series of Polish productionwhich will premiere in December 2022. “Glitter” tells the story of three women, in the 1970s, – At a time when Poland is slowly opening up to Western culture and customs – It was decided to earn a living by providing sexual services. This fictional series was produced with an exceptional historical vision, although it is not a documentary. Its script was consulted by Anna Dobrowolska herself – author of Professional Girls. This book, about prostitution and sex work from 1945 to 1989, not only analyzes the facts but also describes the empowerment of prostitutes and sex workers. Unknown history of customs in the time of the People’s Republic of Poland.

Emily in Paris Season 3 premieres December 21

The title character is a young marketing specialist from Chicago who has moved to Paris, where she begins her dream job. In the first two seasons, Emily made new friends and experienced beautiful but turbulent romances. The second season left many unresolved threads, so it’s no wonder that fans of the series are eagerly awaiting the third season. This time, Emily faces an important choice in her life. The girl will have to decide whether to stay in the French capitalWill he go back to Chicago after all? in the new season “Emily in Paris” On the screen, viewers will see a new character played by him Paul Foreman.

The Witcher: Bloodline – Premieres December 25th

“The Witcher: Bloodline” Fans of “The Witcher” took it back 1,200 years. The production takes place in the world of elves and It tells about the events that led up to the disaster called “The Coupling of the Balls”.. As a result, the realms of humans, elves, and monsters merged and magic settled in them. Under these conditions, the first magician was created, whose task was to fight monsters. This series is Fun for fans of “The Witcher”Who are eagerly awaiting the next season of the series. Fans of the book “The Witcher Saga” should also be pleased, because The creative advisor for the production was none other than the creator of the series – Andrzej Sapkowski.

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol – Premieres December 2

December it Time for exceptional premieres on Netflix. There is no doubt that Christmas movies are the most popular this month. One of the Netflix Christmas specials is a movie “Scrooge: A Christmas Carol”. This is another quote from the immortal story entitled. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, but this time it was recreated In the form of a musical cartoon. As announced by director Stephen Donnelly, it will be a psychedelic story full of musical surprises about time travel and an attempt to confront one’s past. The creators admit that they tried to preserve the essence of Dickens, but whether they succeeded, viewers will be able to judge on December 2.

Pinocchio – Premieres December 9th

“Pinocchio” It’s a classic story whose plot probably needs no introduction. The new version of this story will soon be released on Netflix and will stand out for its unique visual qualities. The latest “Pinocchio” is an amazing animation made by Mexican director Guillermo del Toro, which was largely done with a stop-motion technique. This means that most of its elements, including the characters and set design, have been hand-sculpted, painted, and animated frame-by-frame. In addition, thanks to modern digital technology, the creators were able to show the accuracy and fluidity of movements, which is so characteristic of a modern animated film. This amazing creation will delight both children and adults.

Glass Onion: Knives Out – premieres December 23

This is it The second part of the movie Knives Out. Crime comedy, pose A tribute to the work of Agatha Christie. The film is a sequel to the production of Detective Blanc (Daniel Craig), which quickly won the hearts of viewers after its premiere. At the beginning of “Glass Onion” A group of old friends receive mysterious boxes containing puzzles. After its dissolution, each character receives an invitation to spend the weekend on Miles Bronn’s (played by Edward Norton) private island. there Friends must solve the mystery of a planned murder. However, what begins as innocent fun quickly turns into something far more sinister.

White Noise – Premieres December 30th

White noise is black comedy It is directed by Noah Baumbach, who is known for showing beautiful and true emotions along with absurdity. White Noise is based on the Don DeLillo novel of the same name. The main character of the plot is Jack Gladney (played by Adam Driver) – a professor of Hitler studies, husband and father of four children. His family’s ordinary daily life is turned upside down by the so-called. An “airborne toxic event” that was caused by a chemical spill. Since then, Jack’s family has to deal not only with the mundane problems of everyday life, but also with the anxieties of living in a post-apocalyptic reality.

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