These will be December 2022 Pensions - rates.  Below are the gross and net accounts [1.12.2022 r.]

These will be December 2022 Pensions – rates. In August and September, pensioners received their fourteenth pension on their accounts. Next month, seniors will receive the basic pension they are entitled to after the indexing and tax changes for this year. Check what the prices are.

The 14th pension in 2022 has already gone to all who deserve extra money. Seniors received the “fourteen” with the basic benefit, so conversions were higher.

See also:Annuities in 2023. Pensioners can receive this money after the next indexation

In October and November, senior citizens receive a basic pension, They are entitled to post tax changeswhich entered into force from July 2022. It will become so in December 2022.

The tax reform is to reduce the lowest tax rate from 17 to 12 percent. Persons receiving pensions up to a total of PLN 2,500 did not benefit from this change (unless they had other additional income taxable with personal income tax) because their entire income from this pension fell within the tax-exempt amount of PLN 30,000.

The situation is different for people with higher pensions. In their case, the ZUS deducts both the health insurance contribution and the tax advance from the gross pension. What does this mean for seniors? See what the approximate gross and net pension rates are. Details in our gallery.

It is happening in Poland and in the world – read on

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