Isabella Rossellini - the turbulent life of the daughter of "scandalous of all time"

  • Isabella Rossellini is the daughter of Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini, who caused a moral scandal because of their romance.
  • The actress found herself in the world of cinema, but she did it on her own terms, which made her very popular. In her private life, she was not so lucky. She was associated with big stars, but none of the relationships were permanent
  • Rossellini has drastically changed her life for years, yet is still considered an icon of independent world cinema
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The daughter of one of the most legendary and at the same time scandalous spouses in the world of show business did not want to remain in the shadow of her parents. Isabella RosselliniThe fruit of the union of Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman and Italian director Roberto Rossellini, she grew into an independent woman who ran her life and became a curious icon of cinematography. However, her life choices were not so lucky, because the actress, born on June 18, 1952, did not find the true love that she wanted.. Rossellini’s film production is impressive, though she hasn’t focused solely on acting all her life. She is a vocal supporter of abortion in Catholic Italy, and is not afraid to speak out about the rape of which she was a victim. She is an actress, director, writer, model, farmer, and animal behaviorist. However, she lives her life alone, although in the past she was a partner of directors, actors and dancers. She was unlucky in love, and their marriage turned out to be disastrous.

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Isabella Rossellini. The famous daughter of romance heroes of all time

Before she was born, the world was leaning heavily towards her. Of course, she could not have any influence on this, because her parents in the fifties were the object of hatred and caused a scandal not only in the world of cinema. Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini began a passionate romancewho influenced viewers around the world so badly that Americans called the actress a “sinner”Clerics condemned her from the pulpit, and a senator demanded that her US citizenship be revoked. The actress, referred to as “the Swedish gift to Hollywood,” abandoned her husband and child in the United States to be associated with a much older married director.. The relationship did not last long, as already in 1957 the couple broke up. They had three children. One of them was Isabella Fiorella Eletra Giovanna Rossellini, who grew up with her twin sister with her father.. The latter refused to allow their mother to take them to the United States.

Isabella Rossellini lived in her youth in Rome, Santa Marinelli and Paris. When she developed appendicitis, she was diagnosed with scoliosis six years later, and spent a year in grueling rehab. She was placed in a plaster cast for a year and then underwent spinal surgery that left disfiguring scars on her back.. She was raped at the age of fifteen, but to this day she has not revealed who her executioner is. When she was nineteen years old, she moved to New York, where she studied at Finch College, and at the same time was a sworn translator and American reporter for the Italian channel Rai TV. At that time, she also appeared in the TV show “L’altra Domenica”, which was her first screen appearance. Interestingly, in 1976 she starred in the film “A Time Question”, in which she played on the side of her mother.

Isabella Rossellini and Martin Scorsese. surprise marriage

While working for Italian TV, one of the tasks was to give an interview to the director Martin Scorsese. The interview with the young journalist ended in an affair. The actress after many years in an interview with the magazine “Vagle” recalled her first conversation with the director:

So I did an interview, and then we watched a movie together. He explained to me all the tricks he used. This is how it started. I think he loved me– She added. It was the beginning of their relationship, which culminated in their 1979 wedding. For her it was the first marriage, and for the director Third. Isabella Rossellini was then taking her first steps in modeling. Yes, she started her modeling career at the age of 28, which came as a shock to the paparazzi. She confessed in one of the interviews:

Marrying Scorses helped her win increasingly lucrative contracts. Like this Lancome brandthat became her face for the next 14 years. Much longer than the relationship with the director, which ended unpleasantly. In 1982, the actress’s mother fell seriously ill. Ingrid Bergman was in London, where her daughter traveled a lot. In an interview with Sun Sentinel, Isabella said:

The actress’s divorce was not a big shock, although – as she later admitted in an interview with “Vanity Fair” – her marriage was a happy one. She added:

Isabella Rossellini and Martin Scorsese. surprise marriage

In 1982, Rossellini and Scorsese’s marriage officially ended. Interestingly, at the time of the divorce, the actress was pregnant with another man. It was her choice Jonathan Weidman, a former Texas model, Harvard graduate and Microsoft Administrator and now a millionaire. The couple married in 1983 and had a daughter in the same year Elettri Rossellini. However, after three years of their love, there was no trace. In 1985, Isabella Rossellini starred in the first American film, and was her screen partner Mikhail Baryshnikov. Working together turned into a short-lived romance, after which they became friends.

In 1986, David Lynch, a visionary, appeared in the life of Isabella Rossellini. In one of the interviews reported by Far Out magazine, the actress said:

The director fulfilled all the dreams of a professional actress: he was original, independent, extraordinary and famous. Thanks to this, she was able to spread the wings of her workshop. The first step to new fame here was the appearance of the actress in the movie “Blue Velvet”, thanks to which she gained unprecedented popularity.. On the set of the filming of this movie, a feeling arose between them, but it caused harm. David Lynch’s sweetheart divorced his second wife at the time, which was ruined by his decision. Their relationship was mostly long-distance, as Lynch had a lot of TV commitments and Isabella was busy with her career. The actress admitted in one of her interviews in “Die Ziet”:

Isabella Rossellini. The men of her life and… chickens

The end of the relationship with the eccentric director was the beginning of a new relationship for Isabella Rossellini. This time she got engaged with an actor. In 1994, she began an affair with Gary Oldman, whom she had love for two years. The next man in the actress’s life was a theater director Gregory MosherAnd after breaking up with him, Isabella Rossellini dropped out of acting and devoted herself to… animals.

She bought a farm 90 km from Long Island, She graduated in zoology at a New York university, later training dogs to help the blind, but most of all dedicating herself to a farm that serves the entire local community.. The former star raises animals and conducts eco-crops that support the local needs of the residents. Why did you decide to take such a step? She explained this in her book Me and My Chicken:

“At my age, I realized that you have to capture every moment in life, and do what you want to do, because in a moment it may be too late for it. I have always cared about animals and nature, and now I can completely devote myself to them ”- she added.

Despite finding meaning in this activity, Isabella Rossellini also found her “way” in the cinema. In 2017, that is, when she turned 65, she starred in the Golden Globe-winning movie “Joy”, and later appeared in other shows, signed … an advertising contract with the perfume brand Lancome. Today, however, she dedicates herself to life on the farm and is extremely proud of her adopted son, Robert Rossellini (sic!), who is a model and actor.. Everything indicates that after years of searching, he has found his place on Earth.

Since my birth, I have lived among the stars (…) people who are practically unable to think of anything other than their work. For them, love and everyday life were subordinate to work. I couldn’t accept it for a long time, because I thought they were making a mistake, that life was somewhere else. Subconsciously, I chose tough guys, and then was surprised when they didn’t want to live my way. Today I no longer impose anything on anyone, but I also do not allow anything to be imposed on myself. I focus on what gives me the greatest joy – family and working with animals” – summarized in the book “Me and My Chicken”.

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