Emma Stone stars in the new film from director Ari Aster, creator of “Heritage. Hereditary” and “Midsommar.”  What do we know about the project?
Ari Aster’s third film, Beau Is Afraid, will hit theaters in April. The author of “Legacy. Hereditary” and “Midsummer. In broad daylight” is not wasting time and has already begun work on his next project. Plot details are being kept under wraps, but it is known that we will see Emma Stone and Christopher Abbott in the main roles.

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2019. Ari Aster at the Gotham Awards

What do we know about Ari Aster’s latest project?

Information about Ari Aster’s new project is included in the Production Weekly database. At the moment, it is only known that “Arie Aster’s Untitled Project”, like his previous films, will be created for the A24 studio, and not only the creator of “Midsommar” will be behind the camera, but also the author of the script. The cast involved in the production includes Emma Stone and Christopher Abbott.

Why are we waiting for Beau Is Afraid, Ari Aster’s latest movie?

The movie “Beau Is Afraid”, which is scheduled for its world premiere on April 21, was on the list of the most anticipated films of the year. We wrote about it like this:

Ari Aster only needed two films to make his name a recognizable name in the world of cinema. The director’s third full-length project is called “Beau Is Afraid” and is described as a surreal horror-comedy about a middle-aged everyman who sets out on a journey home to his family upon learning of his overbearing mother’s death. However, the journey soon turns into a journey through the following circles of hell. The film starred Joaquin Phoenix, who is famous for being extremely picky when it comes to choosing scripts. The combination of the talents of the “Hereditary” author and the “Joker” star should result in devilishly good cinema.

Watch the trailer:

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