MMA Clout Party 4: Results.  Summary of Najman concert

Marcin Nijman and Jacek Moranski met at Clout MMA 4 after several months of media spats. Both players were supposed to face each other several times, but the duel did not happen every time. On Saturday, March 9, they both entered the cage and began fighting under the rules of dirty street boxing, which allows elbows, headbutts, hammers, backfists, and kicks.

Finally, a few moments into the duel, Marcin Najman simulated getting hit in the eye with his finger. The referee started counting the seconds and Muranski's opponent did not get off the mat. Eventually, the battle stopped after several dozen seconds of exchanging sharp blows. But the replay showed that Najman did not receive any blow and intentionally ended the fight.

In the evening's fight, Lexi was defeated by Marta Lenkiewicz, with whom she had a long and exhausting fight that lasted as many as 3 rounds. Although the Clout MMA Foundation often looked too tired to continue fighting, she let go of her opponent and charged forward. However, there could only be one outcome to the battle – Linkiewicz won.

Clout MMA 4. Załęcki defeated and stunned “Trolowany” at the end of the fight

Patrik “Wielki Bu” Masiak, who dominated Dawid Załęcki, and Sebastian “Ztrolowany” Nowak also performed well at the ceremony. The 137kg contender won the fight in which his rival clearly dominated. Piotr “Bestia” Piechojak explained that he gave his opponent the initiative because he tore his biceps in the second round. Kamil Menda, Daniel Omelachuk's rival, ended the party with the same injury.

Another good fight was given also by “Rekordzista” who did not allow “Boro” too much and also by “Sequento” winner of the fight with Lizak. Paweł Jóźwiak suffered his second straight defeat, as he was dominated in the cage by Adrian Cios.

Clout MMA 4 fight results

  • Bonus Fight: Lexi Chaplin – Marianna “The Queen” Schreiber – The fight did not take place due to Lexa's injury
  • Lexi Chaplin – Marta “Linkmaster” Linkiewicz – Marta Linkiewicz wins after a unanimous decision from the judges
  • Marcin “Cesars” Nijman – Jacek “Moran” Moranski – Jacek Moranski wins by TKO
  • Dawid “Crazy” Zalecki – Patrick “Wilkie Bo” Maciak – Patrick “Wilkie Bo” Maciak wins by TKO
  • Michał “Zbuku” Buczek – Paweł “Major SPZ” Majewski – Michał “Zbuku” Buczek wins by technical knockout (TKO)
  • Adrian Cios – Paweł “President of FEN” Jóźwiak – Adrian Cios wins after a unanimous decision of the judges.
  • Daniel Omelchuk – the entire “King Kong” Minda. Daniil Omelachuk wins by TKO, Camille Mendy is injured
  • Piotr “Bestia” Piechowiak – Sebastian “Ztrolwani” Nowak. Sebastian “Zetroloani” Nowak wins by technical knockout (TKO).
  • Piotr “Lesak” Lizakowski – Przemysław “Sekonto” Skulski. Split decision of judges, “Sequento” wins
  • Wojciech “record holder” Sobierajski – Rafael “Boro” Borkowski: Wojciech “record holder” Sobierajski wins

MMA Influence 4. Concert Summary

That's how we covered the Clout MMA party.

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