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“The case goes, legend says” – MarchReferring to the nickname “Casemito” announces: 70 + 15 million euros. It’s official: Casemiro joins United After concluding the agreement on An amount of up to 85 million euros! He became the third best-selling player in Real Madrid’s history. He will say goodbye on Monday. The diary boasts that it was the first day he talked about it day in and day out.

Top of the page: Modric and Kroos say goodbye to Casemiro exclusively in the pages of the magazine – the Croatian wrote: “Looking behind me and noticing that you gave me peace.” “Dear issueWe made history, damn it! “

Below is the league table and yesterday’s results.

as such
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“Without Casemiro, without Vice” – as such Reports that Real sold the Brazilian to Manchester United: He will miss Figo today. The Kings will earn 72 million euros in the basic amount and 13 in the variants and will not get a new midfielder. Kroos will also not play in Palidos.

Downstairs in the football divisions: league table and results; Rojiblancos Carrasco Insurance – Atletico are working on their new contract in light of the interest of European clubs; Aubameyang Hope for Conde – Barcelona offered Chelsea to the Gabonese as a way to score for the French national team; UEFA is punishing Paris Saint-Germain for its financial losses in the past three seasons.

Also at the bottom: Roglic takes the first hit in Utrecht – he gains seconds over his rivals after Jumbo’s victory in the time trial, and Jesink becomes Vuelta’s captain.

Mundo Deportivo
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‘Oba and Memphis – Inevitable’ – Mundo Deportivo It was announced that Chelsea had persuaded the Gabonese and wanted to include Marcos Alonso in the operation, but Barcelona did not want that. Depay’s deal with Juventus is still a matter of details, but it is not enough to score Conde.

Bottom: “I don’t know what will happen to Bernardo Silva,” says Pep Guardiola. Essie and Cis goals reveal the design of Espanyol. Seville remained unwinnable after a battle at Pizjuan; Jumbo Roglia wins the time trial, and the Vuelta will start at Barcelona next year.

Top: Casemiro de United for 72 + 13 million – The Brazilian is no longer a Real Madrid player and his midfield trio with Kroos and Modric is broken.

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‘The inevitable departure’ – sports Memphis and Aubameyang say they are on the verge of ending their transfers to Juventus and Chelsea. The English bid is 19 million euros plus 5 million in the Gabonese variant and could accept the inclusion of Marcos Alonso in the deal.

On the strip: the destination is closer to United; It will be very difficult for Conde to play against Sociedad. De Jong, the hundred and last match for Barcelona?

Bottom: Casemiro is now a United player. Controversial Espanyol defeat. Jumbo won the time trial with Jesink in the lead.

Additionally, columns on: Xavi’s motto that this style is non-negotiable; De Jong’s direct mode; That Xavi lacks Pep Guardiola’s entourage.

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