Will artificial intelligence be more human?  This will be provided by the DNA chip

DNA in living organisms acts as a carrier of genetic information, just as data can be stored on electronic devices. DNA-based devices have previously been used to encrypt data on a smaller scale, but this time the prototype chip also uses DNA to process the data.

Amlan Gangulyboss Computer Engineering Department Th Kate Gleason College of Engineering At the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), scientists from the University of Minnesota have designed a microfluidic chip to perform complex operations by calculating an artificial neural network on data stored in DNA.

DNA is excellent at storing information. In fact, they are much better than electronic memory modes because they are about 3 to 6 times smaller than most of the memory devices we have available. It is also more reliable and durable, the scientist added.

DNA has long been proposed as a more efficient way to store data than traditional methods such as hard drives or solid-state drives. A 2018 study revealed that the problem is that data transfer speeds on DNA-based storage platforms are much slower than traditional storage devices. DNA storage is also much more expensive.

Engineers have tried to manipulate materials at the molecular level to replicate functions common to DNA and computers, such as sequencing (reading data) and synthesis (writing data). They proposed that the numbers 0 and 1 be represented by the concentration of solutions containing DNA molecules. They discovered that they could store and process data on the same chip and perform basic calculations that could one day help train artificial intelligence models.

DNA can store up to 1,000 times more data per unit volume than SSDsThe processing of this data becomes more efficient. – A computer made from DNA would be much more sustainable than the traditional electronic devices we have today, the RIT scientist concluded.

sources: Rochester Institute of Technology, Life Sciences

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