Deleted because it had no potential.  Fresh is a dark horse at the Australian Open

Continuing her tennis career in the country where Iga Švintek, a million-and-a-million talent, was born, is a privilege, but also a disgrace – and let's not be afraid to say that. Every score and every move you make is compared to a player Poland may never produce. She involuntarily disguised herself.

This distorts reality and casts a shadow over your achievements. It obscures objective vision. In the process, it clips your wings. At 26, Frisch, who is four years older than Svetek, knows this from personal experience.

“Let's be honest, Magda is already pushing 105 percent of her potential,” said editor Adam Romer. “Becoming 89th in the world is a great achievement and worthy of recognition, but even higher than that? Maybe she doesn't have any potential.” – President of Tenisklub magazine.

Summary of the match between Frisch and Zakharova in the third round of the Australian Open

Who doesn't have the potential here?

Frisch, who knew what it was like to play in conditions that weren't quite as favorable to you as anyone else, became furious when Romer's words got to her.

“This is what the efforts of people who try to be journalists but have no potential look like!” – She responded by attacking Rumer and another tennis journalist, Rafał Smolenski, who were together planning Frisch's future.

It was March 2022, and Frisch had just been eliminated from the Australian Open. In fact, there was little to suggest that her talent might explode, especially since the Lodz player had only won one Grand Slam match over the seasons.

Reversed card

When Fręch was already well established in professional tennis, she was in a relationship with top 100 ranked players, like Filip from Hemp, Świątek jumped, attracting all the media attention.


Fręch after advancing to the fourth round of the Australian Open

Behind the four-time Grand Slam champion's back was a struggle to be “the other.”

Frisch was inferior not only to Svetek, but also to Magda Linette, who had been on the tour for years and managed to excel again and again, as happened last year, when she reached the semi-finals of the Australian Open. For many years, Frisch could only dream of such successes. He has one lower-ranking title – Contender in Concord. That is why the poster is not the second racket, but the second Magda, stuck to it forever.

But the card was flipped over.

Today in Melbourne, Frisch became the Polish revelation of the tournament, almost 11 years after playing his first match at WTA level. Lynette was eliminated in the first round, and Światek survived the second round with great difficulty. Quietly and methodically, as he has throughout his career, Frisch climbs the next rung of the ladder at the Australian Open.

This embarrasses observers, who are often respectable.


Great play from Frisch in the 10th game of the third set of their Australian Open third round match

Personal score, personal ranking

“I am happy that Magdalena Frisch responded in the only way possible, namely by performing on the field, to my lack of confidence in her potential. I still think we need to appreciate the fact that she has earned more than that thanks to hard work. The best of her career, bravo and I wish you More 'Wins' – Tab Rumer as Magda Frisch defeats Caroline Garcia in the third round of the Australian Open.

“Magda”, the second missile – from now on, the second Polish missile.

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