Miriam Margulies claims Steve Martin hit her during filming
Miriam Margolyes wrote in her autobiography that Steve Martin behaved “terribly” on the set of the horror comedy “The Bloodthirsty Plant” (1986). The actress accuses him, among other things, of hitting her on set. Martin, who is currently the star of the TV series “Crimes Next Door,” responded to the accusations.

What does Miriam Margolyes accuse Steve Martin of?

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“The Blood Eating Plant” (1986), a remake of “Little Shop of Horrors” (1960), tells the story of a flower shop employee who cares for a mysterious plant that needs human blood to grow. Margulies appeared as the assistant to sadistic dentist Oren Scrivello, played by Martin. During one musical segment, Oren punches Margulies’ character and slams the door in her face.

In her book “Oh Mary! Stories from an Extraordinary Life” Margulies wrote that while filming the scene, Martin actually hit her. I was slammed in the face with doors all day, beaten, slapped and beaten by the unsympathetic and unscrupulous Steve Martin. It is possible that he used method actingwe read in her biography.

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Steve Martin denies the allegations

When I first read Miriam Margulies’s unflattering recollections of our scene together in “The Bloodthirsty Plant,” I was surprised. I remember we had a good understanding as a pair of professional actorswe read in a statement issued by Steve Martin. But when there is a suggestion that I hurt her or was negligent in some way, I must object. I remember being very careful about the fake punch. Just as careful as I would be with any similar scene.

Martin explains that in a conversation on set, Margulies assured him that everything was fine. There was no physical contact between her and me, coincidentally or not, in this scene or any other“, wrote the actor.

Director Frank Oz also commented on the matter: I always practice slow motion. The scene in question contains a fake punch. I don’t understand what you’re talking about. This is not the Steve I know. He was always professional and respectful of everyone in my group.

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