June 5, 2023


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Sylvester Stallone is back for one of his greatest hits!

It seems Sylvester Stallone has no intention of retiring. Recently we heard about some new projects with his participation, and today Variety added another project – “interesting ending”.

Sylvester Stallone will be “on edge” again

“Cliffhanger” is designed as a reboot/sequel to “On the Edge” that will reprise Sylvester Stallone as Gabe Walker.

Conspiracy details are not yet known. However, we do know that Stallone will not be the main character. Instead, the project will depend on A group of heroes, one of whom will be the star of the original version.

for a new scenario “interesting ending” Marc Biancolli answers (“good neighbor”). Directed by Rick Roman Wu, who specializes in action films (“the world is burning”And “green land”).

“On the Edge” – Stallone’s brilliant hit

creative “On the edge” Still It remains one of Sylvester Stallone’s biggest box office successes. In 1993, he won awards all over the world $255 million. The movie couldn’t have come at a better time. Stallone’s career began to shake to its foundations after two consecutive financial failures (“Oscar”And “Stop or Mommy Shoots”).

The hero of the original version was mountain rescuer Gabe. He cannot recover from the tragic accident in which his friend’s girlfriend died. Gabe feels responsible for her death. Meanwhile, a cry for help comes from the mountains. The occupants of the crashed plane were trapped. Gabe goes to the rescue. He does not know that the “victims” are a group of ruthless bandits who are searching for a lost bag of several million loot in the mountains.

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Trailer for the movie “On the Edge”