“Dude, are you alive?!”  Matta fell off the stage.  The accident seemed very serious - O2

The alias Scott Bobo died, meaning Michai MachakIt is no longer the case The son of a famous lawyerbut a rap star who is one of the few on the Polish scene worthy of that name. The singer is also known for his non-musical activity. Recently, half jokingly, half seriously, he announced that he will run for the post of President of the Republic of Poland in 2040.

With the requisite 100,000 signatures needed for registration, he will have no problems today, and may “cover” a few other applicants. He can certainly count on the growing number of marijuana sympathizers, claiming, like Mata, Remove this medicine.

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Thinking about the future of a politician’s career, Mishao just needed to take his steps more carefully. During the last concert in Warsaw, he walked around the stage in dark glasses, shouted at the audience and suddenly fell to the ground. He did not notice, apparently, the final landing. For a moment he gave no sign of life.

Dude, are you alive?! – His colleagues worried.

Mata quickly got up, flicked himself and finished the concert. The entire seemingly dangerous event was recorded by a fan.

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