slag.  Kowalski is deprived of his best engine.  Strange reason

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Bartłomiej Kowalski’s performance was outstanding in the PGE Ekstraliga final. It turns out that the reason for this performance may lie in what happened after the SGP2 championship on Friday in Vojens.

On Friday, Bartlomiej Kowalski celebrated his SGP2 bronze medal win in Vojens, and a day later he was a shadow of his former self. Such a turnaround would have come as a big surprise, as everyone was mindful of the 21-year-old’s impressive performance in the two-leg semi-final against Abatur Torun.

It turned out that Betard Sparta Wrocław youth player could not compete with his best engine. This is all because of the equipment check Kowalski underwent after Friday’s competition at Foggins.

This information was provided by Lukas Benz, a journalist from Canal+ Sport, after the final match in Lublin.

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– On Friday, Bartlomiej Kowalski’s engine was disassembled and after assembly, the engine was no longer suitable for anything. Benz said the unit has been serviced. This information was confirmed by Dariush Wallidge, who was standing next to him.

Sparta coach Petard pointed out that the loss of the aforementioned engine undoubtedly contributed to the 21-year-old’s poor performance. However, Wledge emphasized that this was not the only reason.

Krzysztof Cegielski, who sat in the studio of PGE Ekstraliga magazine on Canal+ Sport 5, revealed that according to his information, Mateusz Czerniak had to undergo a similar engine check.

Let us add that the first final confrontation ended with Platinum Motor Lublin winning by 51:39. The return match is on Sunday, September 24.

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